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It takes four muscles to smile,

20 to frown.


Make someone smile today.



Yes…there may come a day when our life will flash before our eyes…would ours be worth watching???

Have you ever had a moment … a moment when something caused your life to flash before you???…a moment when something  caused you to take a serious look at the years that have passed. you have  spent them..something that made you wonder about the years to come and how you will spend them???…If your life flashed before you today…can you say…Yes…it was worth watching or do you think you would want to change the channel ???

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had the ability to look back…and change the channel if we did not like what flashed before us???

Well…we all know that is not possible…what is past is past…However .. if our life has not been worth watching…or if our life could be a better watch…do we have the capacity to change that???…Can a person make their life…a …more worth while watch??…In the hustle and bustle of our daily routine…can a person make changes  to  their own channel???…Can we work to change  the inevitable “life flashing  before our eyes” so we will be happy with the channel our life has been on???

That got me wondering…Is it possible in looking back…  that what we see flash before our eyes …is in part …reality combined with our  perceived reality???…Is it possible that the life that might flash before us…is a mixture of…people and events and behaviors…that we have come to believe as our life…but may not have actually occurred as we remember???….Can there be memories of our lives…that  have been manufactured by others…or…redesigned by ourselves to suit our needs and attitudes ???

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  Albert Einstein

I wonder about this …as there are days I pick up an old journal I have written …and…I read and find to my surprise that…what I wrote about an event or feeling or behavior of a certain day…is very different from what I… now remember it to have been….In some cases it may have been only a few years and still…my memory has …over time… become distorted…So now I wonder about… if my life flashes before me one day…will it be my real life or my life distorted by time and the tricks my memory might have played.

So now I wonder…How  much of my life …that I remember to be my life…really is???…How much is a distortion of it???…When my life flashes before me one day…will I truly be watching my channel or might it be a bad connection somewhere…causing distortion???…

Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.

Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.

Hans Margolius

Think about it….How quiet are  your waters ???…How distorted are your  perceptions???

I learned a new word this week…..

I was reading about phobias yesterday and  I found  there are people who are afraid of books…they have  what is called…Bibliophobia.I have heard of many phobias in my life…but this was something new…the fear of books!!!

So what exactly is A phobia?…It  is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive and unreasonable desire to avoid the feared stimulus.

I suppose we all have a fear/s of some kind…but would our fears be considered … phobias???….So… of course that got me  to thinking…what fears do I have ?? and are any of them a   phobia???…Is there something that I fear intensely…irrationally…and persistantlyl???…Hmmm

Well…I do fear loosing my calendar…my life line that tells me  where  I have to be when….and then there are my glasses…however…that is not really a problem cause…. I always have contact lenses if they are lost…and how about my keys….that has scared me once or twice……

OH..OH…I’ve got it!!!…candles and fire …I love them outside ...but when they are burning inside…especially when my husband is away…I get a bit worried about fire…I have even been known  to blow out a candle or two at a friend’s home …usually in their bathroom as it bothered me a bit…Also…I   have a good supply of battery operated flames to put in containers….However…I will  admit…I do love the real thing sometimes …and I have just begun lighting up a candle at suppertime once in a while…and actually enjoying it.

So…is it a phobia???…I don’t think so…it is not a real intense fear…In fact…I actually never thought about it much….until I began volunteering at the local fire department …I was their Education Officer for three years…so… I wouldn’t call it a phobia…just a healthy respect and knowledge of  fire.

But  just imagine ….a fear of books…think of all the problems such a phobia could cause a person…imagine all the information and interesting stories that person would miss in their life…I suppose a library would not be a favorite place of theirs…and what about friends…would they only visit homes  of friends …that did not display books???…I suppose bibliophobia could be very debilitating  in ones daily life.


I just had a thought…I wonder if a Kindle or an E Book would cause a person with bibliophobia the same problems

…or not??

Ok now…time to relax …


Dr. Seuss’ birthday…has come and gone !!!

If he were still living …this past Wednesday  …March 2nd…he would have been 107 years old…Imagine how many more wonderful stories he could have told…all the weird characters he would have given birth to… if he were still alive…It makes me kind of sad to think about such a loss.

And so…I thought…in his honour… I would share with you…a character ..

A number of years ago I wrote a fun story about a gathering of …weird characters …which I shared with my daughter Michelle…Later that year for christmas…she gave me the most wonderful gift I could ever want….two illustrations to go with my first two characters…here is my favorite…

copyright  Michelle Beaudry  2o11

On my bed

Are my two skinny Zinks

With six eyes that just constantly blink

Having one bigger ear

And green bugs in their hair

They sure let off a terrible stink

By me….2007

What is so very interesting is that…we never discussed it…This is what she imagined from the words I put down on paper!!!  I don’t think I could have imagined anything so creative in my mind…Sure makes me realize how important the words in a kid’s story can really be….She and I have talked about collaborating on a book sometime in the future…my words and her illustrations…

What a dream that would be…

To see it become… reality !!!

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.’

Oliver Wendell Holmes

I was reading a book today and got to thinking about words…words in the English language…words that don’t make any sense…and…I kept coming up with more  and more examples…and I thought…Imagine being a newcomer to the English language and trying to make sense of it… our language is often used… in such contradictory ways….for example…

“Civil War”-I don’t remember ever reading about… any war being …CIVIL …..”Greenland”-why call a land that is white… most of the time…GREEN???….”Death Valley”-strange name for a place …having…  a LIVING population….”Eggplant”-it may be a plant…but not the size or color or texture of any egg I’ve ever seen…”catgut”–actually comes from a sheep….and …an “underdog”- has nothing to do with a dog.

Words…Ok now…imagine being new to our language and telling someone …When my grandfather “kicked the bucket”…there were a lot of”crocodile tears”…or…The “boob tube” put me” in hot water”…or…My mother is always “splitting hairs” and “picking holes in things”…or…He was running down the hill …when he “hit the wall”.

And …how about…have you ever received an invitation to a “political PARTY”??…or…have you ever been  “in the same boat” as  a “lucky duck”??…What kind of umbrella might  one need when it is “raining cats and dogs”??…Does a “life-preserver” really preserve….Why are “bangs” so quiet???…and…Why is the “hot seat”…never really hot to the touch??

Words, words, words….I can’t begin to imagine how confusing it would all be …if I were to be trying to learn English…I do think we must have one of the most convoluted languages there is…When I was attempting to learn French…it seemed  more “straight forward”…hmmmm….          Or is the French language ….  just the same…???

Oh no!!!  …Could it be… that I just kept understanding and taking everyone literally!!!….wow…now that’s a scary thought.


I will be at McNally Robinson’s Bookstore on Dec. 4th…1-3 to sign books…come visit and pick up some Christmas gifts at the same time.



Check out my new visitor counters that show countries visitors are from ….I am now curious to see what shows up ..I know I have had visitors from  places other than Canada…hmmm…I’ll just have to wait and see. Calling visitors from around the globe to check in!!!!

27 days left till Christmas morning….

Ever hear a word being said and you thought to yourself…hmmm….I wonder what that means???…Have you ever been listening to speech and someone uses a word that you have never heard before… and …you get  so caught up with that word…and actually didn’t hear much of what followed???…

Well…that is exactly what happened to me last night….someone was giving a little talk and used the word…”EFFUSIVE”…which threw me right off as I had no idea what it meant…It was used in order to explain someone’s personality…and so…I figured… it had to be something good or it wouldn’t have been said with 20 people present..but…

I thought about it a bit…hmmm…should I let it go…or do I  ask for the meaning???…so …at an opportune time …I decided to dive in…I asked my friend…a past school teacher…what is the meaning of that word????….He did not answer but instead…turned to another retired teacher…and asked him if he would clarify it for me….The second person  then  admitted that …he did not really know that answer…AHA!!!….I was not alone in my ignorance…and …I would venture to think that… although many in the room …”had an idea of the word’s meaning”…they truly did not know it.

Ever found yourself in a like situation???…Wanting to ask for clarification but not sure if you should???…Wondering if you are the only one present…who doesn’t understand????…Waiting and hoping that someone will speak up and ask YOUR  question????…Have you ever weighed your  need to know…as opposed to the possibility of… embarrassing yourself????…

I wonder how much we have all missed or misunderstood…just because we were afraid to ask???…As children…all we do is ask !!!!…what…when …how…why….where….over and over again…that is one way children learn…Why is it that as we get older…we hesitate to ask….Can it be that we feel we have nothing more to learn from others???….Can it be that we want to appear smarter than we really are????….Can it be that it is just not that important to know????…or….Can it be that we are afraid to ask???

Well…for those of you out who need to know..I will clarify effusive for you…

effusive [ɪˈfjuːsɪv]


extravagantly demonstrative of emotion; gushing, uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm, burbling, gushy,
Do you know someone who is effusive???….Are you effusive????
Here is another interesting piece of art….made out of chocolate this time….
Who would ever have the heart to actually eat such a beautiful creation…???


A friend and I decided to have some fun and reserve a table at a local xmas craft show in November. My book her pottery and some other interesting items we will have for sale that day…..but….we are looking for a name…a name to call us… a name we can put on our tags.

Last night we brainstormed with our husbands and good friends to see if we could come up with some interesting name/word to call ourselves that day.  We had such fun  doing that but have not come up with anything solid as of yet.  We want it to be different…even a nonsense word that sounds cool could be good.

I am tossing this out to all of you as the more ideas we get the better the chances of coming up with different names/words.  We tried taking the letters  from our first names and combining them….nothing…we tried taking the letters from our last names and combining them…nothing.  Then we went on to names of flowers.. So after covering two pages with possibilities…we had still not come up with anything. Then we thought ….herbs.  We liked one a bit …but not totally convinced.

Have you got a thought or two????   We are two women, with silver gray hair, both shortish, both are artsy and have tried all sorts , have been friends for decades, who have both lived in a variety of cities/towns ,  in our lifetimes.  We would love it if you would share any ideas you may have.

Names, names and more names…what is in a name????

Hmm…nonsense you say???


  • words or actions that convey an absurd meaning or no meaning at all
  • things of relatively no importance or value; trivialities
  • impudent, foolish, or evasive behavior
  • Yesterday I got thinking about nonsense words…why are they nonsense…does a nonsense word ever become a real true word…and what does it take????..And then I thought I would try to make up some of my own..

    Does that make me a foolish???….Are my efforts trivial????   Well…if so…then bring on the foolishness and the trivialities!!!!

    .Here is what I came up with…From some of the pictures I have in my computer…. for a pig

    dion....a dog clipped like a lion


    plouse...a plaid house


    wurdle...a turtle on wheels

    slops....slippers that are mops

    I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities. (Quote by – Theodor Geisel)  Dr. Seuss

    smagon...a small dragon

    trum...a tree with a bum

    skaminals...animal skates

    And here are a few more nonsense words without pictures…. 
    micycle-.a mouse on a bicycle …flopsicle-a melting popsicle….jamburger-a hamburger covered with jam…mutterfly-a butterfly that talks…fatterpiller-a caterpiller that is fat…copcorn-popcorn bought by police…fash-a fish that wears hats…shings-shoes with wings…fonster-a furry monster.

    The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.

    -Jung, Carl

    If we had to  be silly…if we had to  have fun

    I bet we’d  feel  better…when each new day was done


    Last but not least….today’s odd couple….


                                   Serendipity or  Synchronicity…..which is it?

    We all have vocabulary we use everyday without thinking. We attach words to things,emotions,  events and actions a zillion times a day…but have you ever thought about their meanings? Well, Yesterday an event occurred which in the past I would have called Sarendipidous….but after looking up the meaning today, I found out that yesterday’s event was not… sarindipidy…but rather …synchronicity!!

    Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see….Carl Jung

    Serendipity  is the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident… The fact or occurrence of such discoveries… An instance of making such a discovery.

    Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful way.To count as   synchronicity, the event should be unlikely to occur together by chance.

    The event that occurred to me was my discussing a strange , obscure topic with my husband over supper…can’t remember exactly what, but minutes following that, that same topic was mentioned on the radio. . These small events occur on a regular basis to me and they makes me wonder….is there any meaning to these connected events? For example…thinking about someone and they call you or talking about a thing and it appears on TV just hours later.

    Yesterday I would have called such an event. ..serendipity..but how wrong I would have been! 

    And so I began to wonder… Do these events happen to everyone but not everyone recognizes them? Do they only occur to certain people? And if they do, does that mean those people have a special connectedness to the universe?  Everytime a synchronicity occurs… it makes me wonder…did the second event occur because I had said or done what I did…or did it happen because I was unconsciously able to make it occur…or neither? Can a person cause a synchronicity to occur? Is synchronicity occurring all around us all the time and we just don’t recognize them? Do some of us just WANT to find connections in life…so we watch for them and find them?

      Or is synchronicity out of our control? 

    I found this example to share with you which explains very well the meaning of this word…The French writer Émile Deschamps claims in his memoirs that in 1805, he was treated to some plum pudding by a stranger named Monsieur de Fontgibu. Ten years later, the writer encountered plum pudding on the menu of a Paris restaurant and wanted to order some, but the waiter told him that the last dish had already been served to another customer, who turned out to be de Fontgibu. Many years later, in 1832, Deschamps was at a dinner and once again ordered plum pudding. He recalled the earlier incident and told his friends that only de Fontgibu was missing to make the setting complete—and in the same instant, the now senile de Fontgibu entered the room.[8]

    Factual information alone isn’t sufficient to guide you through life’s labyrinthine tests.  You need and deserve regular deliveries of uncanny revelation.  One of your inalienable rights as a human being should therefore be to receive a mysteriously useful omen every day of your life. …Rob Brezsny

    How about you?  Have you experienced synchronicity in your life? Would you see it if it came your way?

    “I… believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity…”..— Charles de Lint

    I have , for sure have had serendipitous events occur…but now I will know the difference. Will you?

    Surprise….Guess what…Juan Mejias…shoe artist has given me a few more shoes to post…..

    Thanks to Juan for sharing his art with us. For more, see my blogroll.


    Inspiration and thoughts about being inspired 

    I wonder what the inspiration was to make this piece of footwear?

    Before I ramble about the subject, I thought I would check out the dictionairy’s meaning of the word. There are a number of meanings for Inspiration…arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity….a strong creative inpulse…a product of your creative thinking and work…a sudden intuition. There were many more but I think I will just go with these. 


    If you have ever picked up a pen and started writing…either a journal entry, a story, a poem etc. , where did you find your inspiration? Or do you believe that inspirations are not necessary to  writing?  Think about it, maybe we are inspired more than we realize or maybe we just aren’t good at identifying what inspired us in the first place? 

    Maybe we don’t need inspirations ….maybe we just need subjects. But if that subject becomes the catalyst to our writings, doesn’t it become the inspiration? How can anyone actually define unusual activity of the mind or a stong impulse ? Is it not all relative and so, two people may be at the same place at the same time and be inspired very differently . I suppose you could akin childhood memories to this concept….siblings being at the same place at the same time but remembering very different things or people in a plane crash who after have very different memories of the event. Are inspirations for writing not much of the same? 

    Inspiration?...grapes, leaves, ????

     Have you ever found that something inspired you but only for a short time because some other inspiration came along that was much stronger? 

    So that makes me think….what exactly has inspired me to write ? Each day I blog, I suppose something inspires me to go in a certain direction. Maybe I should pay more attention to what inspires me…just for curiosity sake. I could make a list of my inspirations. But to be truthful, I am not sure that I would really know what they are or were. 

    I think it  would it be  a waste of time to make that list, instead I will  just move on and wait for the next…Inspriration to hit… and get writing. What will be YOUR  inspiration for today?

    Maybe if I add a photo to each word it might help me to remember it.

    pedantic |pəˈdantik


    a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning

    How will I ever remember this one?

    Susan, thanks for the new word.

    Good morning…here is your word Word For the Week                           Pulcritude  (pŭl’krĭ-tūd’, -tyūd’)

    That quality of appearance which pleases the eye; beauty; comeliness; grace; loveliness.   Word for the Week

     Attractive moral excellence; moral beauty.

    Appearance, Attractive, Beauty, Comeliness, Excellence, Eye, Grace, Loveliness, Moral, Of, Quality, That, The, Which,

    Coffee is on my immediate agenda and then…editing and reviewing .


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