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It takes four muscles to smile,

20 to frown.


Make someone smile today.



  Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!!

I have been reading a book about happiness which got me thinking about…what is it that makes me happy?…What are the things I like  or would like to do that bring a smile to my face??…What is it that I consider to be fun??…The more I thought about it the more it made me wonder about fun…How often do we find ourselves  doing  something  with another person…something that is fun for them…but really not at all for us?…How often do we tell ourselves we are  having fun… but not really??…How often do we do something that is fun for us…How true are we to ourselves about fun and happiness??

Now I realize that there will always be things we do along with  others that may not be fun to us…and sometimes we should… because we want to spend time with them and so we share in their fun times…The problem comes when we allow someone else’s fun times to override ours .

For me???…I am happy…I am having fun… when I am spending hours in my sewing/craft room…and when I am reading my book to a group of children…doing a crossword puzzle with my husband…Fun for me is having an afternoon coffee with a friend….a long walk with my husband or… looking for that heart-shaped rock to add to my collection…just to name a few.

However…I  also think it could  be fun  to go fly a kite with my husband!!! …Yes a kite!…We have acres of open land around us..perfect for kite flying…I remember how much fun flying a kite was years ago…. Now how strange a thought is that?…I haven’t flown a kite since I was young …but for some reason…I think if I were to go and do that…it would make me happy…it would be such a fun time…So what am I waiting for???…I suppose I should work on it..I think I will plan to do just that in spring…I will just go and buy two kites and make a plan…Maybe I can even get a bunch of friends to join us…that could be even more fun.

So now I wonder about all of you…did something  fun immediately came to mind for you???….What is it that does.. or would …make you happy??…What  is that for you…  that is or would be  fun and make you smile???….How often do any of us pay attention to our fun factor??…How often do we actually think about …FUN???

I suppose if we wanted to be a bit happier…if we wanted to have more fun…it might be a good idea to develop a FUN list and add to it each time we become aware of another thing that makes us happy….then ….just like our task to do lists…we will have a happiness to do list …however instead of crossing them off as we do with our tasks…we can mark them with a star each time we do one…each time we have one of those fun times…and watch our stars add us and our list get longer and longer as we find new fun things to do. …It can be our very own FUN scale!!!

So……what is it that makes you happy and brings a smile to your face…what kinds of things are your fun???

Let me know at….I think it could be fun to share our fun with each other.

This is my post for tomorrow…Monday

I found a site the other day…that was devoted completely to laughing…It was a fun few moments I had and although I did not laugh out loud…I did have a few inner tee-hees to myself…

So today I would like to first…tell you a few facts about laughing…Have you ever wondered how often in a day you have laughed???…Have you ever how often you have caused someone to laugh???…Have you ever realized that you don’t laugh as much as you did when you were young????….

It seems there have been a few studies about laughter…and they have found …

  1. a child laughs 200 times per day, while adults only laugh about 15 times

When you laugh…you are…..

  1.  lowering your blood pressure, you’re reducing your pain levels, you’re even helping your cholesterol
  2. You’re getting oxygen into all the cells in your body, which is something we need for energy and vitality
  3. You’re changing your brain chemistry, which causes the brain to produce a variety of chemicals that                                           naturally make you feel better and also stops producing the chemicals that make you feel anxious and tense
  4. whether your giggles are spontaneous or forced, and the benefits are the same

Studies suggest ….adults should try to regain the lost joy of childhood by becoming more playful and humorous.

 I also found out that there are laugh groups or clubs with  the sole purpose….to laugh!..Just to sit around together and laugh!!

So this all got me wondering…Why don’t we laugh more often???….Is it because we don’t think to???….Is it because we tend to more often get upset or stressed about things???…Has our perspective become so…that we just don’t see the humor in lots of things any more???

Here’s a thought….next time the glass of milk spills…rather than get mad or upset…why not laugh???…The damage is already done…It will have to be cleaned up no matter how you feel about it…so why do we compound the event by getting angry???…Why not just have a good laugh as we wipe up the mess????…Is it possible to just decide to be a happy person???…Is it possible to begin to laugh each time we find ourselves about to get upset???…Can we make ourselves laugh more often in a day???…Is that within our power???

There are so many different types of laughter…the belly laugh…the double over laughing, laugh…the unstoppable giggle…the little tee hee…and the inner silent laugh…there is the loud HO HO HO…and the strange funny infectious laugh… the uncontrollable laugh when  being tickled…and the laughing that makes you almost pee in your pants…Someone can cause you to laugh…or something can as well…You can choose to be funny and elicit a laugh in someone else…You can laugh because it is contagious and at times you may have no idea what caused it.





As for me…my blog sure helps me smile and laugh  more often…Each time I find an interesting picture to share…I giggle inside…the more I find the more I want to keep looking…All the children I share Sam with…they  keep making me laughing…and one of the reasons I love my quilting group on Wednesdays is…they always make me laugh…Do you know what makes you laugh???…And did you know that animals laugh as well???… 

It’s more than just a matter of laughing. If you can see things out of whack, then you can see

 how things can be in whack.   Dr. Seuss

Now, if I could find just one thing everyday to laugh at ..that would be good……I suppose…if I wanted to ….I could laugh everyday  …I could be my own laughing club…and each night before I go to bed I could just think about something from the day and have a little Tee  Hee  Hee before I close my eyes and drift off!!!

I hope today I have given you something that will help you  laugh..  smile…or at least … have a quiet inner tee hee.

Your smile for the day…..

This week I have watched as a small chipping sparrow kept flying from a tree in our yard …to the bushes beside our deck . I kept wondering why this bird kept repeating the same movements over and over until….I noticed this little bird now had a seed in its bill as it went into the bushes….might there be a nest???  I thought to myself???.

And so, once the rain subsided, I went out to check…and….To my surprise and excitement….THERE WAS!!!   It was a tiny little nest…hidden in the lilac bushes…with four tiny little birds chirping and chirping as I quietly watched. Now I can’t wait to get outside and take a peek..each morning ..just to check on them and see how they are. It has only been a few days now…but I will keep taking pictures to show you as they mature…Here are the first ….


What fun this will be…I have never been able to watch so… up closely…baby birds growing…I feel very lucky to be able to watch these little lives develop. Amazing how big their beaks are compared to the rest of their bodies…They are a bit noisy now…but in a week or so…as we sit in our deck with the nest just outside of it…they will begin to be a bit loud as they cry for food.

That got me thinking….will that cute little peeping become an annoyance once it gets louder…or will I still be amazed by the whole thing? 

We are kind of like that….behaviors and qualities that either we loved in a person…or just were not bothered by…can become the most annoying  characteristics/behaviors to us…am I not right???? ….Like for example….Characteristics like….free spirited  or hard worker or optimist  or neat or  dreamer or down to earth or quiet or even a sense of humor or athletic or good dresser.. behaviors such as ….cracking nuckles…or leaving the toilet seat up …or never puting socks in the hamper……All good things can become unlikable after a period of time…like the peeping of the baby birds that could become annoying

I believe we…do we have control over how things affect us????…or should I say… how we let things affect us.  And can we just decide…not to let them bother us.   And if we can control how we let things affect us…does that mean that… if we really try not to be annoyed….are we ignoring them???? …Can we ever get to a point when we just don’t notice them any more….or   can we choose not to react to them???  ..Can we revert back to liking  whatever it is … once again if we really try??? 

Why do we make our lives so difficult  …Is it that we can sometimes just be stubborn about things???….Is it that we are not willing to overlook???… Wouldn’t we make our own lives better if we could work past these roadblocks that we have  make for ourselves????

Well…I am going to continue listening to the baby birds peeping…I have no choice…well…unless I wanted to dispose of them!!!!  Yikes!! what a terrible thought!!!   So , with no other choice I will keep watching my birds and loving their sounds….I will!!  I will!! I will!!


Here are a few more candles from my collection……

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