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We have all hear people talking about ….waiting for their ship to come in…and maybe at times…we have wished that ours would come in as well.

Let’s think about it…a ship… is a large boat . ..that I for one… have never seen resting on a shore.

You may be thinking…but cruise ships come in to shore?  right?….Not really.  They come in to docks..(.not the shore)…. docks that have been specially built for them.

So I suppose that means …if you sit on shore and wait for it…you might be sitting there a very long time…unless there is a natural disaster that forces it to crash on the shore…



Your ship  might come in but it will be damaged and broken …not exactly what you had in mind.






So I suppose.. if your ship doesn’t come in… swimming out to it would be in order…..Don’t know how to swim??…and the thought of learning to is frightening? ….you may have to just start building that long dock.



So… if sitting and watching…doesn’t bring in your ship….and you can’t swim or build…

you might have to reconsider the ship idea…

and settle for something a little smaller.



Hope is the state which promotes the belief

in a good outcome related to

events and circumstances in one’s life..

Think about it for a minute….unconciously we are all… hoping…hoping everyday…all the time without even thinking….. hoping that it will be sunny…hoping that we get to work on time…hoping the traffic  light does not turn red….hoping  you will  receive an email from a friend….and the list could go on and on.  We hope all the time.

        There are of course… times when hoping is what helps us to get through a tough day or a difficult time and is more conscious thought.

   It is at those moments  when having hope is what gets us through the day.


Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light,

adorns and cheers our way;

and still, as darker grows the night,

Emits a brighter ray. 

   [Oliver Goldsmith]


Now… I am the first to say that, by just hoping ,we cannot  make sure a good outcome to occur…however…it can sure make you feel better…more positive about the possible future…

So if all of this is true…why would we ever,ever want to…TAKE AWAY ANOTHER PERSON’S HOPE?

Oh no..!!!!!  Makes me wonder.. have I ever taken away someone’s hope??

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