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How many heartbeats does one person have in a lifetime??

An old friend from years past got me thinking about this…heartbeats…how many have I used and how many do I have left…and how exactly will I spend them?

So…let’s say I live to be 75 (average life expectancy) …that gives me 15 more years of heartbeats at a rate 72  of beats a minute…to use…I am not going to bore you with the math.

Hmmm….it seems I have used up a good percentage of MY available heartbeats…so I had better not waste what may be remaining.

I also got wondering…how did  I spent all those past heartbeats ?


Some years ago I spend numerous heartbeats … writing children’s stories/poems.  Last week when cleaning out a space in my home, I found a binder with all the creations I had long since forgotten about. In thinking about heartbeats…I thought I would share some of them here on this blog …I suppose in doing this…

 This is a way of sharing my present and past heartbeats with all of you.??


My mom will always tell me

“No, no, you shouldn’t, don’t

I find that quite confusing

Cause normally I won’t

But when she says “don’t do that !!!”

Whatever that might be

She makes me think about it

I get confused…you see???

Stock Photo #1569R-9034345, Boy pouting at kitchen table, mother shaking her finger

When mom says please don’t do that

the first thing that I think

I really want to try that

Before I can even blink

Like when she says “don’t eat that”

before she has a clue

that thing if right inside my mouth

And I begin to chew

Boy Eating  : little boy eating cookies on white background isolated

When in the tub… mom always says

“Don’t splash and please no bubbles”

But splashing makes the bath such fun

Which always causes trouble

Why does mom say “Don’t touch that” ??

Cause it makes me want to try

And so I touch it quickly

And then she wonders why??

On days when it is rainy

with big  puddles on my street

Why does she yell  “No splashing Sam”

Then… I can’t control my feet

And when I crawl in bed at night

Mom says  ” Don’t suck your thumb”

But that just makes me want to

Isn’t that just  dumb?

Mom gives me straws to drink my milk

Then says “No blowing bubbles”

If she would just not say such things

I’d cause her fewer troubles

My mother always tells me

She wants me to be good

If she didn’t give such fun ideas

I’d behave…I know I could.

Written by…ME…

Sally Unrau … May 23, 2006

Thanks for sharing my heartbeats today….I hope you enjoyed the first of many kids stories.





Time to be happy…… the suspects are off the streets……




Time to be sad for all those affected by the Boston event….


Thanks to all those heroes who worked so tirelessly the past week…..




Have you found your place….next to another?

Do you both sparkle?

Do we help each other sparkle?


photo …copyright..Michelle Beaudry

This got me wondering  about sparkling….do I sparkle?

….How about you?…..have you found your place?…your constellation??


…Do you sparkle?….do you care?

I think there are days when we all sparkle….however….I know there are days when I don’t.


I wonder …is  there is a way to keep my  sparkle ??….



easily broken, shattered, or damaged; delicate; brittle; frail: a fragile ceramic container; a very fragile alliance.
vulnerably delicate, as in appearance: She has a fragile beauty.
lacking in substance or force; flimsy: a fragile excuse.

Have you ever thought about fragility…and fragile  things… like a snowflake or china bowl or maybe that  glass tea pot???…What about people??…..Have you ever met someone who seemed to be in a fragile state….or maybe it was you….have you ever  felt fragile???

Is it   true……Do others really mold our dreams and hold our hopes in their hands??….If that is true…others are vital to our lives……and if so…how carefully do we handle our relationship with them?.Is it with care… in the same way we handle  that rose bud about to open…or the fragile china bowl?….It is so easy to take for granted those closest to us….we are all guilty of that at times…..Imagine the centre of this little plate being you/me…..and all the buttons around us being family, friends and others… being careful with each other we are able to keep a strong connection…we are able to continue to touch each other’s hearts and be the strongest possible….


“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir

Ever thought about …..Who you are hitched to ?




Yes…there may come a day when our life will flash before our eyes…would ours be worth watching???

Have you ever had a moment … a moment when something caused your life to flash before you???…a moment when something  caused you to take a serious look at the years that have passed. you have  spent them..something that made you wonder about the years to come and how you will spend them???…If your life flashed before you today…can you say…Yes…it was worth watching or do you think you would want to change the channel ???

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had the ability to look back…and change the channel if we did not like what flashed before us???

Well…we all know that is not possible…what is past is past…However .. if our life has not been worth watching…or if our life could be a better watch…do we have the capacity to change that???…Can a person make their life…a …more worth while watch??…In the hustle and bustle of our daily routine…can a person make changes  to  their own channel???…Can we work to change  the inevitable “life flashing  before our eyes” so we will be happy with the channel our life has been on???

That got me wondering…Is it possible in looking back…  that what we see flash before our eyes …is in part …reality combined with our  perceived reality???…Is it possible that the life that might flash before us…is a mixture of…people and events and behaviors…that we have come to believe as our life…but may not have actually occurred as we remember???….Can there be memories of our lives…that  have been manufactured by others…or…redesigned by ourselves to suit our needs and attitudes ???

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  Albert Einstein

I wonder about this …as there are days I pick up an old journal I have written …and…I read and find to my surprise that…what I wrote about an event or feeling or behavior of a certain day…is very different from what I… now remember it to have been….In some cases it may have been only a few years and still…my memory has …over time… become distorted…So now I wonder about… if my life flashes before me one day…will it be my real life or my life distorted by time and the tricks my memory might have played.

So now I wonder…How  much of my life …that I remember to be my life…really is???…How much is a distortion of it???…When my life flashes before me one day…will I truly be watching my channel or might it be a bad connection somewhere…causing distortion???…

Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.

Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.

Hans Margolius

Think about it….How quiet are  your waters ???…How distorted are your  perceptions???

Well…here we are…this is it…the day before Christmas…as everyone hustles around to do those final preparations for tomorrow…and then have a good sleep before “Santa” arrives!!

Do you believe???….Do you believe in the spirit of Christmas???…what ever that may mean to you???

Here is hoping you have a wonderful day tomorrow with friends and family.

May you find the spirit of the season in whatever way you can.

I wish you …peace…good health…and like the song says….comfort…and…joy!



Check out my new visitor counters that show countries visitors are from ….I am now curious to see what shows up ..I know I have had visitors from  places other than Canada…hmmm…I’ll just have to wait and see. Calling visitors from around the globe to check in!!!!

Yes…sorry I have not written…last two days have been busy with book events.  I will return tomorrow with lots to write about.

Till then…..

“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its
original dimensions.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Now that is an interesting thought…..stretching the mind.  Maybe we can stretch our minds….but I still think we need to have a brain drain…or we might be a bit top-heavy and what would happen when  the brain stretches and our skull doesn’t. 

One mighty big headache that would cause.

Yes ,just two more  evenings before my launch…I  am a bit nervous.  Have any of you out there ever had a Tupperware  type party????….I have…years ago .   I remember to this day always being worried that no one would show up.

I am not feeling like that…but …I am wondering…how many people will come.

It is Sunday…and…we all need a day off once in a while…so this one is mine..but I will leave you will some hearts….


“The human brain is unique in that it is the only
container of which it can be said that the more you put
into it, the more it will hold.”

— Glenn Doman

Hmmm…is that really true??…As a child…yes…our brains are like sponges…soaking up everything . For years that continues and we gain more and more information which we store in our brains.

But doesn’t there come a time…like any container…when it is finally full to the brim…overfull in fact???

Take for instance a sink with a tap and  running  water… soon the water fills the sink and  reaches the sink’s edge only to overflow…. or a balloon …it can only be blown up so big until it has no more room for air and so Pops !!!…

If our brains are anything akin to that…it would mean there needs to be a tap..or an opening in the brain….a way for some information to be released to allow for more to be gathered…just like the balloon to insure it doesn’t overflow or explode!!!

So if that is true and some of our stored memory …goes down the brain drain so to speak…what happens to it????  Like the lost water from the sink…what  about lost data???….is that drained piece of data gone forever or is it retrievable if we make room for it???

And what if a person’s  brain does not have a drain???….Will it explode like the balloon???  Maybe not…but can it get overloaded???…and if it does…how does that affect us??? Is it like the electrical outlet that gets overloaded and burns out????  Maybe this  is why when some people  age…there is a percentage of them who  have memory issues. And why is it that …let’s say…in the case of dimentia…that all the old memories become vivid and the newer ones are lost???? Maybe these people’s brains…have no drain … could this be like the overflowing sink or the bursting balloon???…there is a circuit overload and the data gets confused???…and then…so do they???

Now of course this is just a thought…an opinion……but still…it does make one wonder about the brain…don’t you think??? The brain … such a wonderful and weird part of the body. Does your brain have a drain?????  Think about it.

New topic…book launch coming up this week and with signs, posters and today…a small article in the local paper about the event.

I do believe I just experienced…my 15 minutes (or is it seconds) of fame!!!  …How about you..   any perceived moments of fame in your life??



Thanks for all of your responses about my collection. Yes the theme running through them all is HEARTS….so simple. It actually surprised me when people said they just didn’t see it until I told them!!

I wonder if I should have kept it going without telling ???….I think I took all the fun out of it.  But I will continue with it in hopes that you will still find it interesting.


There is a road from the eye to heart that does
not go through the intellect….Gilbert K. Chesterton

This is my bamboo plant.

Heart-shaped bamboo is a type of lucky bamboo shaped to form a heart. This plant is not really a bamboo. but is in the Dracaena family of plants and has long been a symbol of luck and success in the Asian culture. A heart-shaped bamboo adds to this the meaning of love.


When I went to look up info on …heart..and here are a few heart connections-


Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. -Anthony J. D’Angelo


Now…here are is a very creative sunset photo….


Now you just can’t miss it…right????  What a perfect sunset picture. 

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