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Winter would not feel so cold if our yards could look like this….

even with the snow all around..

.this sure would be nice to see in the morning.

Here are some other beautiful flowers to cheer you up during this long cold winter some of us have been going through.

Look very carefully at them and you will find they are made up f painted bodies.  How cool is that???

So1 4 5

Stay warm.


Quick post today….just want to thank you all for stopping in for a visit and commenting on my posts. I would have         to spend days responding to each one individually… so…I decided to say thank you this way. My blog is now over one year old and I will continue to post new and interesting information and photos.

Thanks a bunch!!!!





A friend and I decided to have some fun and reserve a table at a local xmas craft show in November. My book her pottery and some other interesting items we will have for sale that day…..but….we are looking for a name…a name to call us… a name we can put on our tags.

Last night we brainstormed with our husbands and good friends to see if we could come up with some interesting name/word to call ourselves that day.  We had such fun  doing that but have not come up with anything solid as of yet.  We want it to be different…even a nonsense word that sounds cool could be good.

I am tossing this out to all of you as the more ideas we get the better the chances of coming up with different names/words.  We tried taking the letters  from our first names and combining them….nothing…we tried taking the letters from our last names and combining them…nothing.  Then we went on to names of flowers.. So after covering two pages with possibilities…we had still not come up with anything. Then we thought ….herbs.  We liked one a bit …but not totally convinced.

Have you got a thought or two????   We are two women, with silver gray hair, both shortish, both are artsy and have tried all sorts , have been friends for decades, who have both lived in a variety of cities/towns ,  in our lifetimes.  We would love it if you would share any ideas you may have.

Names, names and more names…what is in a name????

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