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It takes four muscles to smile,

20 to frown.


Make someone smile today.


Do you think you are unique??…

c646539332609418206376114b79bd6f     Do I think I am unique??? ……If  all of us  are  unique…..does that mean that none of us really are?????

Or….maybe we are equally unique….and so…differently the same???  And….If we are just like everyone else….is anyone really unique at all???

Just something to think ……..

So next time you start to feel like you are special…or unique…remember….so is everyone else.



Dr. Seuss’ birthday…has come and gone !!!

If he were still living …this past Wednesday  …March 2nd…he would have been 107 years old…Imagine how many more wonderful stories he could have told…all the weird characters he would have given birth to… if he were still alive…It makes me kind of sad to think about such a loss.

And so…I thought…in his honour… I would share with you…a character ..

A number of years ago I wrote a fun story about a gathering of …weird characters …which I shared with my daughter Michelle…Later that year for christmas…she gave me the most wonderful gift I could ever want….two illustrations to go with my first two characters…here is my favorite…

copyright  Michelle Beaudry  2o11

On my bed

Are my two skinny Zinks

With six eyes that just constantly blink

Having one bigger ear

And green bugs in their hair

They sure let off a terrible stink

By me….2007

What is so very interesting is that…we never discussed it…This is what she imagined from the words I put down on paper!!!  I don’t think I could have imagined anything so creative in my mind…Sure makes me realize how important the words in a kid’s story can really be….She and I have talked about collaborating on a book sometime in the future…my words and her illustrations…

What a dream that would be…

To see it become… reality !!!

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.’

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Today I really thought about …being creative…yes…creative I said !!!….February is …I love to read month…and…I was thrilled to receive an  invite to ..Minawasta..a local elementary school… read Sam’s Weird Afternoon…However…it became a bit challenging today…5 different classrooms came to sit and listen…I was having so much fun…however…I was actually boring myself…It was the same thing over and over…listening exercise…story…help with a new story I am writing…and so…I tried to change it up a bit…get creative.

Now I must be clear…I read the book to each class as if it was the very first group I had read it to…which was fun…It was the rest of the presentation that needed something…and so…thanks to …Fred Penner and his song…Sandwiches Are Beautiful…I decided to make a song to go with my book…I hope he doesn’t mind….I just took his song and changed the words to go like this…

My shoes are beautiful…my shoes are fine.

I like my shoes…I wear them all the time.

I wear them in the winter and I wear them in the fall.

If I had  a hundred pairs of shoes…

I think I’d wear them all.



To my surprise…the kids…whom …I must say… were wonderful listeners…were …even better  singers!!!…That little addition to each presentation…made all the difference…for me anyway. I still have 4 more classes in Minnewasta Elementary…to present to…but with more activities…I am now ready for more classes.

Ahhh…the life of a published writer…fun but tiring…Hmmm…what exactly happened ???…I thought I had retired with lots  of…freedom…no demands…sleeping in late…right???…WRONG!!  …..but I wouldn’t change a thing….It is easy to forget what fun kids can be…how they can make you laugh..laugh…and laugh again!!!…Now how bad can that be???


23 more days till Christmas morning.

Check out my new visitor counters that show countries visitors are from ….I am now curious to see what shows up ..I know I have had visitors from  places other than Canada…hmmm…I’ll just have to wait and see. Calling visitors from around the globe to check in!!!!

Are you wearing a smile today????…read on…I sure am !!!  (no , that is not me)

There are times when …yes…you have to pick your battles…Through the years it has come to my attention…after trying to…that I could not fight them all.  Battles rage all around us everyday…some are real and important…others…not so important… some are perceived and are…really… only as big as we make them…and then there are those battles….that we have no choice but to fight….in hopes of being victorious over our enemy.

November is a month to remember… the battles that have been fought for our freedom…the battles that we did not have to physically engage in…the battles that someone else fought for us…Not only is it a month to remember those battles…but as well…those men and women who did the fighting for us…the men and women who…confronted our enemies…they who  chose to fight those…our… battles.

Over the past week or so…I too have been fighting a battle…No…just an imagined battle…it is not a battle that will just go away……And no…it is not one that will change the world…but it is a battle just the same….and it seems it is one I must fight….Fruit Flies!!!!  Yes, you heard me, Fruit Flies!!!! ….How can that be you may ask????…In the middle of November in Canada????….Beats me!!!…but there they are…hundreds of those tiny little pesky fellows…flying all over my house..

Could it be the bananas on my kitchen counter I wondered???…so away they went…Maybe it’s the empty beer bottles left in the sink….so…after a good washing…off they went too…But the little critters keep coming and coming…I emptied all the trash…I cleaned out under my sink…However…they remained persistent…It was a bit embarrassing when friends were over…and I was getting tired of swooshing my hand before my face in the hopes of removing at least a few from our home..

After hitting them with my hands…towels…sprays…with little change….It was finally yesterday… that I decided to wage war on these little guys…my enemies…I had had it!!!…The fruit flies were about see their demise…I had had enough!!!…I was determined to finally …fight the good fight!!!…And so…just as a  friend had encouraged me to do…I went and found the pretty little glass bug catcher I had bought a few years ago…for just this scenario…I very carefully filled the well in it…with some red wine…set it on the counter before I went to bed last night.

I woke this morning …to see what  appeared …what  might be a winning  battle…There were still a few little critters flying around the kitchen…however…inside the glass bug catcher…were numerous wine soaked bugs stuck to the glass walls…Yea!!!….And there many more still flying around inside the gadget…however…unable to escape the walls of their captor…aha!!!…

I was beginning to feel… victory was on the way…… So…I sat down to have my morning coffee… read a few pages from my book…and for the first time in days…I was able to read without even one little guy…landing on my page.

So there you have it….another battle won…another enemy zapped!!!…Small as a fruit fly may be…when one turns into hundreds…it becomes impossible to ignore…So if you ever see one of those pretty glass bug catcher gadgets…and wonder if it does anything more that look nice…think of me and my battle…and if you are thinking…hmmm…should I buy it???…DO!!!…You never know if or when you may need a battle plan like me.


more from my collection….

Yes I have a dream…it goes like this….

I have a pile of Sam’s Weird Afternoon…coloring books…sitting on my desk right now….

The dream….I would like to send a free copy out  to some young children …children who live across Canada, the USA  or other country…. ..To a child whom you think would light up when handed an envelope with their name on it ….a young child who might really enjoy it and not just toss it into that “Bermuda Triangle “of a toy chest they have…to a child whose parents would also get a kick out of watching as their child opened up the envelope and  lit up!!!!

When is the last time you had an unexpected surprise???  When is the last time a surprise made you smile and light up??? It felt good didn’t it???

That is what I want to give to a bunch of kids and their parents…that wonderful feeling…the surprise…the sparkle to their day…but I need your help. How your may be asking….???   Names…children for whom I can send my pile of coloring books to.

If you know a child who might fit the bill….please consider helping me by sharing their mailing info to me. I would love to add a special letter to them and their parents to explain  who I am and why they received the book. Now I am sure many of you are unsure about sharing such info with me and I can totally understand your concerns however I am hoping  I will get some .

I will give for you an email and mailing address which you can use to send me names and address’ to fulfill my dream.If you want to give the child’s name …great…I will write the letter to them…if not…that is OK too.

Sam’s Weird Afternoon, 8 Alexandria Bay, Morden, Manitoba  R6M 1P8…or …

I am hoping to get about 25 names.  Thanks in advance for helping me with my newest dream…..

I am still working on a new collection…once I have a few more items I will begin sharing with you.

Wow…have I been delinquent in blogging these past few days.  I have  only a minute to share some more butter creations and weird other items with you tonight….enjoy….


And now for some interesting Halloween Costumes to   wear while asleep……






All’s well today and so I will stop my telling you about my appliance issues and get on with the real blogging….

Sand…ever think about sand???   How small each piece is and how many it must take to develop one little beach???  Ever wonder why..there is some sand you can drive a car on and others you can’t ….and why do they call it quick sand???  I that really made of sand???  Or how about sand in an hourglass…do all hour glasses use the same kind of sand and has anyone actually timed an hour-glass to see if it really takes the time it says????

Sand…what a topic you might be thinking…but I have to tell you I have found some wonderful things (sculptures) made with sand and want to share them with you over the next few days..  Anyone ever make a sand castle???  I remember loving to do just that when I was younger…For the past three years I had been wanting to do just that while on holidays….but  I never did…why not???  I am not sure…Too childish???…not for me but I suppose I hadn’t done it in so long that a but of intimidation crept in there.

Well….these people were not intimidated !!!   I would wonder how many hours it took to do some of these and how long they remained in tact. Kind of like preparing for anything…the making takes hours…but the taking down…only minutes.  For example…a dinner…an event…a stage show..etc. There is something kind of sad about that  :(……

And so…here they are…Sand Creations….I hope you enjoyed them as you read my post. Pretty amazing work!!

Yes, right before my own eyes I was able to watch the life cycle of a monarch butterfly….a picture is worth a thousand words…so I will let them speak ….

And there you have it …the life of a monarch butterfly…as seen by me in my own backyard…on the plant called Joe Pie-weed.  There are presently 4 more caterpillars  living on the plant and I will keep watching them.  Very cool to see up close!!!  That is it for today.






Hmm...just wondering where else Sam my be.....






Funny...I was thinking the same thing....


   “No matter where you go, there you are.” – unknown  

 Today I was checking over my list of where my book has found a home…  I know that I am missing a few towns…So if you have Sam’s Weird Afternoon or have sent it to someone… and that town is not listed….please let me know so I can add it….here is the list so far…  

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”  Giuseppe Verdi


  1. Sicily, Italy


“When I’m in Canada, I feel this is what the world should be like.”
Jane Fonda


  1. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  2. Winkler, Manitoba, Canada
  3.  Morden, Manitoba, Canada  
  4. Reinfeld, Manitoba, Canada                         
  5. Altona, Manitoba, Canada
  6. Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  7. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  8. Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  9. Plum Coulee, Manitoba, Canada
  10. Birds Hill Park Area, Manitoba, Canada
  11. Somerset, Manitoba, Canada
  12. Swan Lake, Manitoba, Canada
  13. Miami, Manitoba, Canada
  14. Manitou, Manitoba, Canada
  15. Carman, Manitoba, Canada
  16. Altona, Manitoba, Canada 
“I love my freedom.  I love my America.”  ~Jessi Lane Adams


  1. Reisterstown, MD, USA
  2. Mercer Island, WA, USA
  3. Seattle, Washington, USA
  4. Saline, Michigan, USA
  5. Seven Valleys, Penn USA
  6. Eldersburg, Maryland, USA
  7. Mustang, Oklahoma, USA
  8. Oxford, Connecticut, USA
  9. Westford, Mass., USA
  10. Pound Ridge, N.Y. USA
  11. Boston, Mass, USA

  Travel….This all makes me think about my travels…Maybe I should make a list…maybe I need to make two lists….places I have lived and places I have traveled to and spent time in…Have you ever thought to do that???? ..I say..why not…We make lists of many less important things… ….Ok…here I go..places I have lived…Stratford Connecticut, New Haven Connecticut, East Haven Connecticut, Colebrook New Hampshire, Limolu Quebec, Quebec City Quebec, Winnipeg Manitoba, Morden Manitoba…and I don’t expect to add to that list. ….. … And now places I have traveled to …other than the above or places here in Manitoba….let me see…Canadian provinces…BC, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan , Alberta…in the US…New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Florida, Rhode Island, Vermont, …and now other countries…..Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Bahamas.     


This is an igloo made of recyled plastic bottles.This is an igloo made of recycled plastic bottles.    

This is my post for tomorrow…Monday

I found a site the other day…that was devoted completely to laughing…It was a fun few moments I had and although I did not laugh out loud…I did have a few inner tee-hees to myself…

So today I would like to first…tell you a few facts about laughing…Have you ever wondered how often in a day you have laughed???…Have you ever how often you have caused someone to laugh???…Have you ever realized that you don’t laugh as much as you did when you were young????….

It seems there have been a few studies about laughter…and they have found …

  1. a child laughs 200 times per day, while adults only laugh about 15 times

When you laugh…you are…..

  1.  lowering your blood pressure, you’re reducing your pain levels, you’re even helping your cholesterol
  2. You’re getting oxygen into all the cells in your body, which is something we need for energy and vitality
  3. You’re changing your brain chemistry, which causes the brain to produce a variety of chemicals that                                           naturally make you feel better and also stops producing the chemicals that make you feel anxious and tense
  4. whether your giggles are spontaneous or forced, and the benefits are the same

Studies suggest ….adults should try to regain the lost joy of childhood by becoming more playful and humorous.

 I also found out that there are laugh groups or clubs with  the sole purpose….to laugh!..Just to sit around together and laugh!!

So this all got me wondering…Why don’t we laugh more often???….Is it because we don’t think to???….Is it because we tend to more often get upset or stressed about things???…Has our perspective become so…that we just don’t see the humor in lots of things any more???

Here’s a thought….next time the glass of milk spills…rather than get mad or upset…why not laugh???…The damage is already done…It will have to be cleaned up no matter how you feel about it…so why do we compound the event by getting angry???…Why not just have a good laugh as we wipe up the mess????…Is it possible to just decide to be a happy person???…Is it possible to begin to laugh each time we find ourselves about to get upset???…Can we make ourselves laugh more often in a day???…Is that within our power???

There are so many different types of laughter…the belly laugh…the double over laughing, laugh…the unstoppable giggle…the little tee hee…and the inner silent laugh…there is the loud HO HO HO…and the strange funny infectious laugh… the uncontrollable laugh when  being tickled…and the laughing that makes you almost pee in your pants…Someone can cause you to laugh…or something can as well…You can choose to be funny and elicit a laugh in someone else…You can laugh because it is contagious and at times you may have no idea what caused it.





As for me…my blog sure helps me smile and laugh  more often…Each time I find an interesting picture to share…I giggle inside…the more I find the more I want to keep looking…All the children I share Sam with…they  keep making me laughing…and one of the reasons I love my quilting group on Wednesdays is…they always make me laugh…Do you know what makes you laugh???…And did you know that animals laugh as well???… 

It’s more than just a matter of laughing. If you can see things out of whack, then you can see

 how things can be in whack.   Dr. Seuss

Now, if I could find just one thing everyday to laugh at ..that would be good……I suppose…if I wanted to ….I could laugh everyday  …I could be my own laughing club…and each night before I go to bed I could just think about something from the day and have a little Tee  Hee  Hee before I close my eyes and drift off!!!

I hope today I have given you something that will help you  laugh..  smile…or at least … have a quiet inner tee hee.

Hmm…nonsense you say???


  • words or actions that convey an absurd meaning or no meaning at all
  • things of relatively no importance or value; trivialities
  • impudent, foolish, or evasive behavior
  • Yesterday I got thinking about nonsense words…why are they nonsense…does a nonsense word ever become a real true word…and what does it take????..And then I thought I would try to make up some of my own..

    Does that make me a foolish???….Are my efforts trivial????   Well…if so…then bring on the foolishness and the trivialities!!!!

    .Here is what I came up with…From some of the pictures I have in my computer…. for a pig

    dion....a dog clipped like a lion


    plouse...a plaid house


    wurdle...a turtle on wheels

    slops....slippers that are mops

    I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities. (Quote by – Theodor Geisel)  Dr. Seuss

    smagon...a small dragon

    trum...a tree with a bum

    skaminals...animal skates

    And here are a few more nonsense words without pictures…. 
    micycle-.a mouse on a bicycle …flopsicle-a melting popsicle….jamburger-a hamburger covered with jam…mutterfly-a butterfly that talks…fatterpiller-a caterpiller that is fat…copcorn-popcorn bought by police…fash-a fish that wears hats…shings-shoes with wings…fonster-a furry monster.

    The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.

    -Jung, Carl

    If we had to  be silly…if we had to  have fun

    I bet we’d  feel  better…when each new day was done


    Last but not least….today’s odd couple….


    Yes, I had a dream…and it was a bit unsettling….My husband had moved us to some small town in Manitoba….he rented us a very old dilapidated house …our new home….and I kept saying….I will get used to it…I will get used to it…and all the time I just wanted to be back home in Morden…..

    Where do these thoughts come from???….Was it something I heard or saw the day before…or was it something I ate…maybe the peach I had for my evening snack…who knows…very weird….didn’t like this one at all. I was so happy to wake up in my bed in my wonderful house!!!….dreams…sometimes they are better than reality and other times….I just wish I didn’t remember them__


    A Best seller is a book, recording, etc. currently outselling most others.

    Best seller….I have never really thought much about best sellers…I did read an article once and it was talking about books… and asked the question….are sales boosted if they are on a best seller list or if they win awards??….That same article then went on to ask…name a book that has been on the best seller list this month….or name the last book you read that had won an award and concluded that most people could not. This person’s opinion is that….no…these things do not boost sales.

    Well, I just found out that my Sam’s Weird Afternoon is on the Winnipeg McNally Robinson ….best seller list… for children’s books  !!!!   I am number 5 on a list where Robert Munsch is 1 and 2.  In the company of Robert Munsch!!!!  I am thrilled.  

     It may not be the fact that a book is on a best seller list that helps sales….but it sure does give an author and his/her book much more exposure and media time and that can’t be all that bad…and the other bonus is the exhilaration and author  gets when your book sales have  been going well.

    So….does a bet seller list sell more books???….I started thinking about the fact that … finding oneself on such a list …motivates a person to want to try and reach that goal once again….It makes me want to get out there and keep marketing even more…and with that I would hope that an increase in sales might follow….and so…that makes be believe that such lists can…yes…indirectly increse sales.

    So if you were to ask me….Sally…do you care if you are on a best seller list or if you win an award for your book??….my answer….would be …without hesitation….yes,yes, yes!!!

    Change of subject now….my baby birds…the chipping sparrows…..breaking news….

    On Thursday as I went to check on the nest…one teeny weeny little bird flew out into my garden.

    On Friday when I looked again only two of the four baby birds were still in the nest.

    On Saturday the nest was empty and I could hear peeping coming from my garden as the parents flew back and forth feeding them seeds.

    On Sunday one little bird was out on our lawn…skawking away until the parent showed up to feed it. I took a few pictures and then shooed it into the garden where it would me less vulnerable.  We heard them crying out all day today as the parents were busily trying to feed them all.

    I went to have a look at the nest this afternoon and was so sad to see one baby bird in the nest, it had died. I wonder how many of the four actually will make it to maturity?????



     Number two in my collection of odd couples….


    the act or process of motivating…the state of being motivated…something that motivatates…an inducement…an incentive.

    Where does one find motivation???…I suppose it could be from an outside source…like a carrot on a stick…or it can come from inside. The problem with an outside source is that once the carrot is eaten…now what????…I suppose you could buy a bag of carrots and replace the one eaten…but what happens when a person gets sick and tired of carrots????.And if the outside source is another person…I suppose we can’t expect them to be more motivated about OUR things than we are…right??? So internal motivation might be the way to go….or does it take a bit of both???

    Right now as an author who is trying to tell people about Sam’s Weird Afternoon…I am very motivated…What motivate me right now is the newness of it all…the wonderful book sales over the past two weeks…the positive support from my friends and family..however…the trick will be to  stay motivated over a long period. …Book sales may plateau…the newness might wear off and my friends and family will soon find Sam to be old news …in time… those motivators will dissapear…So..How does a person stay motivated after all the initial motivators are gone???

    The older I get, the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you’re going to hunt elephants, don’t get off the trail for a rabbit.
    T. Boone Pickens

    I would think a person has to develop goals…short and long-term ones.  During my working years I had to set hundreds of goals for myself… and always I tried to make them …goals that  were  attainable…measurable…and time targeted. I had learned to review the success of my goals and I often had to develop a new plan to achieve them.

    It’s easy to get inspired, but it can be difficult to stay motivated.

    So…I will take  what I learned in the past…and  use it  in my new job as author. …So what kind of goals can an author set for herself??..I will start to develop a list…

    1. book sales….as my publisher will be providing me with a quarterly report of book sales, I will use those dates for reviewing numbers sold compared with numbers I had hoped to sell, including my stash.
    2. Count my personal stash of books and shoelaces at the end of each week to review if I need to order more.
    3. events research and find events…contact event organizers to sell, sign or read my book. Decide on an amount to do monthly.
    4. develop a yearly event calendar with contact person etc. to be used on a yearly basis.
    5. on Mondays… email groups of people  to tell them of the book
    6. on Wednesdays…contact people on their sites and blogs and comment encouraging them to check out my site.
    7. on Fridays…take new photos for my blog file…update my site with new photos and info
    8. daily…write in my blog
    9. design and develop some new Sam props.

    Right now I have the urge to go and count my book stash and shoelaces…so I will.  

     I remember Dr. Phil once telling a mom who was having difficulties with her son…he said…you have to figure out what his currency is…what it is that motivates him… and use it.  I suppose that is what we all need ….to figure out what our currency is…what it is that motivates us…and use it in our goal setting.           


    one more item for my collection…

    Six days till Christmas and lots left to do.

    The snow is falling and the temps have become mild…well…mild for Manitoba that is.  I attended a Cello concert last night and the music  the artist was able to play from that instrument was mesmerizing.  Kind of like the way a  flame of a fire at nighttime can be visually mesmerizing.  As I listened to the music,  not being a musician of any sort myself, I found if I closed my eyes, the distractions around the room being gone, allowed me to hear each note and I wondered how it must feel to be so connected to something that can make such a beautiful sound.  It surely  felt like Christmas and with the last piece..a seasonal one…it  finished off the evening perfectly for me!! 

    Well, I guess I will just have to admire and enjoy such musical abilities.  I suppose  the making of  music is  akin to other passions we all have. I had the good fortune of chatting with the musician…Leanne Zacharias..(who was not a stranger to me) and when she asked me what I had been up to.  I, with much trepidation, told her of my book writing. She instantly became excited and wanted to know all about it…which was such a thrill coming from such an accomplished artist. Made me realize…yes…we are all accomplished in our own ways and thank heavens for that as it gives us a chance to not only enjoy our passions but the passions of others! 

    And now to one of my passions….collecting.  As it is the holiday season it is only fitting that I share with you my Santa collection. But in the New Year I will share some of the other collections of mine.        But for now….hereesssss     Santa  !! 

    Santa Christmas tree decoration from Susan. I made this Santa. He is made of fabric and is my candy cane holder each year.

    A cloth Santa I made candy cane holder each year.

    15 more days till Christmas.

    I have never been the big reader of books but this past year I was invited to join a book club. At first I debated but then I thought maybe this would be one way to motivate me to read.  And I have done just that. I have read …The Book of Negros…The Dance of the Dissident Daughter…Angela’s Ashes…The Diving Bell and the Butterfly so far. I have not read every book the club has discussed but for me I have done pretty good. We meet tonight to discuss The Friday Night Knitting Club….and this one, I have to admit, never got read…too busy with Sam  my blog , shoe laces and my book. Although I had it for 2 weeks, it just stared at me each time I passed it knowing all too  well that it would never be picked up. It went back to the library and I did not even read the back cover.

    So again , here I have more of my Santas….in fact I found another box with more of them. I knew I was missing some but had no idea where they went until I found a little box tucked into the back of a closet…. Keep checking here daily to see more of my Santa collection. I have many mor to share. Have a great day.

    I bought this little one.Two Santa plates...I have not been able to find any more to match.A little Santa pin my mom made.I had to buy this one because of all the buttons...I am a button collector as well. This collection was made by Ken a past coworker. He grew christmas trees on his land and would make these little guys from the left over branches. Ken has passed away which makes these guys even more special to me.

    These Santas were made by my friend Ken W. He used to grow christmas trees on his land and each year he would take the leftover branches from those trees and carve out these little guys. Ken has since passed away which makes these little guys a very special part of my collection.

    I made this Santa. He was so much fun making that if I remember correctly a number of my friends recieved one just like it.

    I found this very small Santa at a flea market in Germany for just a few euros. He looked a bit sad and dirty until I cleaned him up.


    The snow had to go…it was so distracting and looked more like rain.

    Collecting Santas…..I was just having my morning coffee and looking at all of my christmas decorations. I have a very large christmas collection of Santa’s, Father Christmas’, Pere Noel…or what ever you want to call them. For many years I made Santa’s and then friends began giving me Santas and that is how my collection grew. When my mom passed away, she too had a collection which my siblings so kindly sent my way.It is amazing how many different images  people have come up with. I thought this morning…why not share them with you ?  So that is my plan. Each day I will show you some of my special little guys. They pretty well take over the house once they are all out. Fortunately some of them are small enough to go on our tree which is good.  So here are a few for you to enjoy today……

    This one is from Carley.

    This is one that I made…face is made out of Sculpey Clay.

    Some of my mom's collection.

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