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“I’m drawn to places that beguile and inspire, sedate and stir, places where, for a few blissful moments I loosen my death grip on life, and can breathe again. It turns out these destinations have a name:

thin places.”

 Eric Weiner

It was not until a few years ago , when my sister told me about her thin place,…that  I first heard this term.

 She shared with me…a favorite beach she likes to spend time at….where wild horses can be seen running on  the sand… a location she called her thin place.


I immediately  wondered….what is it that makes a place… thin….how does a person know if they have  ever been ….to a thin place??

Is it a place where the… spiritual…the physical ….the mental….and the natural….have  a fine line between them?..

when they are indistinguishable from one another???

Is a thin place….an actual physical location???…or is it a state of mind???

Some have said that a Thin Place… cannot be described with words.


So that got me to wondering….have I ever found myself in a thin place?

…the first thing that came to mind was…

my kayak… paddling all alone…. on the lake or down the creek in my kayak…

Yes…I do believe that is MY thin place.

A place where I can be alone but never feel  alone….where my mind can breath and my body relax… where life as it is ….seems to disappear.

Perhaps that is why I look so forward to the end of a long cold Canadian winter… a chance to once again….return to that place…my Thin Place.


Have you ever been there?

Have you found your….

Thin Place???






How does a person know…if …when….they have become who they really are???

Do you ever sit and wonder about…who you really are …and if who you are is who you really want to be???…Do you ever think about things you might like to do…but don’t…or…ways you would like to act…but don’t???

  I wonder about just that some days…I know there are things I would like to do…and ways I would like to be…and every once in a while…I find that I am able to step outside of my box…outside of my present comfort zone…I  take a step beyond who I now am…a step beyond what my life has been…and…in doing so… I do believe…it brings me closer to who I really want to be.

My will… shall shape the future….
Whether I fail or succeed…
shall be no man’s doing but my own….
I am the force. …
I can clear any obstacle before me …
or I can be lost in the maze. …
My choices are  my responsibilities. …
Win or lose…
only I hold the key to my destiny……

by Elaine Maxwell

So…will this lead me in the direction of ….becoming  more …the person I really am???….I have no idea…but one thing is for sure… I will continue …to do things…with my aim being…to become the more real me!!!

I have been invited to take part in an internet radio series about resilience.

I suppose my next post should be about just that…resilience!!

 A thought for today….are you taking care of your blog…and it’s visitors? Are you getting an increase or decrease of hits as time goes by? Do you have any idea why people would even visit your blog?

Looks like some kind of balancing act!

Care of my blog?? What is she talking about?  All I have to do is write and they will come, right?. Well , that may work in the movies and you may think that what you have to say…surely everyone wants to read….right?   I would beg to differ and I do believe a blogger has to work hard to bring visitors to their site.  So, after much research about blogging and even more of visiting others blogs, I thought I would  come up with …


  1. If you want only family and friends to visit,  write only about you and your family.
  2. Keep the information on a blog interesting, informative , funny and thought-provoking.
  3. Keep a blog clean and neat looking and do not clutter it up .If it becomes messy or difficult to read, visitors may not return.
  4. Make it interesting by adding pictures and of yourself so visitors will feel a connection to you, the writer. 
  5. Keep the vocabulary simple and basic. No one likes to have to look up the meaning of a word to figure out what is being said.
  6. Try to expand your audience by changing things up regularly. 
  7. If you want people to read your blog,  get into the habit of reading others and commenting . 
  8. Use MySpace or Facebook and regularly put an entry in to encourage your “friend” to want to check your blog. However, do not over do it.
  9. If you feel the need for profanity…think again…and don’t.
  10. Having a blog requires your time and attention.
  11. Post something new on a regular basis so your followers can look forward to and count on having new information on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  12. A blog needs to have a  direction , a reason for being.  
  13. Focus on branding  your blog. Create a distinct flavor so readers know what to expect (humor, good links, advice, etc.)
  14. Respond to comments whenever possible. It shows respect for the readers’ opinions : )

The last two came from two of my readers…thanks.

So there you have it…a few blogging …does and don’ts… from little ol me.

Sooooo….what  about your blog/site…have you found your direction yet?

 I keep trying to learn more about my blog and how to manage it. In fact last week I got a pingback . What the heck is a pingback? and  I am still unsure what …categories …is all about and why exactly I might want to use them. Ahhh…so much to learn. Now if only I would spend as much time working out or skiing as I do with this blog. 

 Till next post…a newbee blogger…wanna be writer.

See that shadow there? May be difficult to make out, but it is me on skis.

The ski trails. And thanks to Phil for all his work setting them.

I have some more Santas to share with you today, but first a thought.  Snowflakes…yes…snowflakes. 

13 days till Christmas

I was thinking about how much they are like us, no two the same.  And then I glanced out my window to see thousands of those beautiful little creations falling from the sky as the wind blew them and I thought …life is like a snowflake. As I watch them fall the wind blows it carries them in many different directions. As they fall to the ground, some pile up into drifts while others find a little corner of the sidewalk to land on. Others swirl around and land on the roof of a house while still others find a landing-place on the back of a small bird until it takes flight and it swirls off to another location, only to finally disappear by melting. Life it kind of like that….they swirl around and land…but when a later wind blows by, the snowflake can be carried off to a new site… over and over again.

Life is like a snowflake….fragile, beautiful, full of adventures and opportunities…. with a lifespan that is but a split second long.. in the real scheme of things.  Find joy in where ever your wind may toss you. 

My mother sent me this one.

I bought this ceramic figure and spent a few hours painting him.

I have to go now….big family Christmas gathering today and I still have lots to do. I am making a new dish today which I got from Marty… and if it comes out good I just may pass it on to you tomorrow.  Till then…happy day.

If you go to my Breast Cancer page, you will find the beginnings of my Angel Collection.  Check it out!

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