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Life…it can get busy and there are times when we can no longer see the forest for the trees…..

here is a thought..

.I heard this many years ago and always thought it was good to remember every once in a while…so I will share it with you.

Rocks in the Jar

A Philosophy professor one day he picked up a large empty jar and proceeded to fill it with small rocks. He then asked his students if the jar was full? They unanimously agreed that the jar was full.

So professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles, of course, rolled into the open areas between the rocks. He then asked his students again if the jar was full. Again, they unanimously agreed that the jar was full.

Then the professor picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else.

“Now,” the professor said, “I want you to recognize that this is your life. The rocks are the important things: your family, your partner, your friends, your health, your children, and things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, your car. The sand is everything else. If you put the sand into the jar first, there is no room for the pebbles or the rocks. The same goes for your life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you.”

Origin Unknown

How are your rocks keeping these days???



My book Sam’s Weird Afternoon is presently in …

The New Covey Book Cover Award….contest.

Kurt Jones  of  Tate Publishing…was the brilliant illustrator  I worked with develop Sam and the cover of Sam’s Weird Afternoon….. I was so very happy when we finalized what Sam would look like…and the cover came out better than I expected…I think it is very colorful and  eye catching…I hope you do too!

My  hope is that with enough votes from all of you ….my book cover might just be a winner for April !!!

Just click on the link below …go to entry # 14…and vote.

Voting will take place from April 1- 15th.

Sam…Kurt and I….thank you all in advance for your support and I will let you know what the results are after the 15th.

Thanks to all of you who voted …Sally and I are very excited about this…..Sam

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.

Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” 

— Sir Winston Churchill

Courage….ever think about it….you and courage???….Is it having the strength to stand up and speak???…or…Is it being strong enough to sit down and listen???…..Or…is courage having the knowledge….to know WHEN to stand or  when to sit???…Is such courage something that we learn or something we are born with???…Is courage something we can all aspire to…or…is it something alludes us???

It all makes me wonder …if there was some kind of meter…a meter that could measure….this courage…A meter that  could measure…not how often you speak up or sit and listen…but rather…the success of those moments you do so…the appropriateness of them…A meter that could measure the times you …courageously fought your impulses…and instead…showed  your courage…showed your ability to control   actions and not let them control you….If we had such a meter…10 being the most courageous…1 being the least….how would you fare???…a 3… 5…or are you a  9???….Is it possible for anyone to be a 10??

There are times when our emotions cause us to be impulsive…to make wrong decisions…to make situations worse and more difficult…They are the times when we act before we think….when we don’t have all the information…when courage is the very last thing in our minds….when our focus is off…our perspective is all wrong…It is at those times that our meter…if we had one…would register much closer to zero!!

So next time you go to say something in a moment of  emotion…consider… should you  STAND/SPEAK…or…. SIT/LISTEN…and think about that meter and where you would like it to read….zero or ten????  …How courageous can  you be????


Another most expensive_______________________-

A golden Monopoly board…


24 more days till Christmas morning……

I’m singing in the SNOW…lots and lots of SNOW…and it is another good day…The key????….Walking in the morning with beautiful sparkly…white snow…everywhere!!!!  What a wonderful experience.

Snow…think about it for a minute…for many of us it is a normal part of our winter…but…not for everyone…A number of years ago…I met a girl  who moved to Manitoba…from Paraguay…and was living through her first winter with snow…I will always remember her telling me …how amazed she was when she saw her first snowflakes fall from the sky…Why??? I asked…Her answer was …”I never knew snow fell from the sky…I always thought it came up from the ground”…and right then I couldn’t help but smile.

I embrace emerging experience. I participate in discovery. I am a butterfly.
I am not a butterfly collector. I want the experience of the butterfly.

Goes to show how a bit of experience…can open your eyes…can teach you… enlighten you…It makes me wonder…how many misconceptions  we all have…possibly because of… lack of experience???…Just like the snow falling…It makes me wonder…how much misinformation…are we all storing in our mind’s files…and how much of that misinformation …can cause a person…to…deduct…or assume…other false info???

If a person believes that…snow comes up from the ground…one might also suppose that…one  never has to clean off a car…and…the trees…the trees would never be beautifully snow covered…and drifts…would there be any snow drifts???…And if the snow comes up from the ground…would there be snowflakes???…and…how about driving visibility…it would always be pretty good…unless there was a very strong wind…right???

Snow…yes snow… and a walk in it has again…been the key to a very good day…for me…So I think I will keep walking…and…on days when the snow flakes are falling…I hope it will remind me to…keep an open mind…always wonder or question…until I have experienced it myself.


Today I want to share with you some Christmas trees…If you haven’t the space or the money…these may be just what you are needing….

To all you wanna be published writers out there…Since the day I signed a contract with Tate Publishing….I have learned so very much…Much about the publishing business…much about book writing…much about what being a published author really means…and much about myself…Rather than dribble on and on…I will just make a list….here it is…..

Don’t Publish a Book If…..

  1. you can’t feel extremely proud of you creation
  2. you are intimidated to ask  for opinions of it from friends and family and other writers
  3. you expect your publisher do all the selling of your book for you
  4. you assume your job is over once you sign a contract
  5. you expect to make enough money to leave your day job.
  6. you are easily discouraged
  7. you don’t like using the computer.
  8. you do not plan on going out there to sell it
  9. you have no money to put into the project
  10. you are not flexible and willing to compromise
  11. you are intimidated by meeting strangers.
  12. you are not interested in learning about marketing
  13. you are not a self-starter
  14. after beginning the publishing process….you plan on spending 24/7…365 days a year…writing

and the following comes from a visitor to this blog…more good advice…thanks to “naked listener”

Don’t publish a book if … you cannot write to spec or work fast or be adaptable, such as not being able to suddenly get up at 3am to work on the 17th draft or get a tad tetchy about how the editor edits your manuscript.

Publish a Book  Only If…..

  1. you are willing to devote hours to the book…. after signing a contract or beginning a publishing process
  2. you enjoy meeting and talking with new people..any people
  3. you enjoy the computer and are willing to  develop and put time into  a blog, site, Facebook page, twitter account
  4. you are ready to physically get out there , pound the pavement and sell  your book
  5. you can afford to do so
  6. you are self motivated and willing to step out of  your comfort zone
  7. you are willing to research, research, research all you can find about book marketing
  8. you are willing to accept criticism
  9. you are self motivated and can work well on your own
  10. you have a good understanding of  your and your publisher’s job descriptions
  11. you can view this as a long-term commitment…2,3,5 years.
  12. you are willing to compromise  if required
  13. you are able to keep up a comfortable pace and not crash and burn after the first few months of release
  14. you are able to find fresh new ways to get excited about your book  to motivate others to buy

Well there you have it….Things I have learned….so far…    Like starting a new job there is always a steep learning curve at the beginning of it and my book publishing adventure has been no different….With new jobs they always say…year one-challenging….year two-beginning to understand it better…year three-know the job pretty well by now…year four – very competent…year five-  ?????

I wonder how it will have all gone when  June …2015 …rolls around…that would be the five-year mark.

Weird , weird, weird…..

Thanks for all of your responses about my collection. Yes the theme running through them all is HEARTS….so simple. It actually surprised me when people said they just didn’t see it until I told them!!

I wonder if I should have kept it going without telling ???….I think I took all the fun out of it.  But I will continue with it in hopes that you will still find it interesting.


There is a road from the eye to heart that does
not go through the intellect….Gilbert K. Chesterton

This is my bamboo plant.

Heart-shaped bamboo is a type of lucky bamboo shaped to form a heart. This plant is not really a bamboo. but is in the Dracaena family of plants and has long been a symbol of luck and success in the Asian culture. A heart-shaped bamboo adds to this the meaning of love.


When I went to look up info on …heart..and here are a few heart connections-


Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. -Anthony J. D’Angelo


Now…here are is a very creative sunset photo….


Now you just can’t miss it…right????  What a perfect sunset picture. 



Definition of Contract……

Voluntary, deliberate, and legally enforceable agreement between two or more competent parties

I had a few thoughts today about my contract with Tate so re-read it this morning over coffee.

I sent a few questions out to my marketing person at Tate and will wait for her response…hopefully on Monday.

My questions have to do with…what part of my book do I own???  …Just the words??…How about the illustrations…and Sam???Someone asked me the other day if I owned Sam. I said yes but truly I didn’t know. Now I want to know so hopefully I will find out soon. And if I don’t own Sam…can I make likenesses of him or not?? …I need to know the answers so legally…I know what I can do.

That’s it for today…short and sweet. And now for another one of my items in my newest collection. 

 Anyone figured it out yet???  Let me know when you do. 


Yes, today my book order arrived!!  I have them tucked away safe and sound until April 21st when I have my local book launching event.  It is going to be difficult to keep them under wraps until that day.

I have had requests for the book and I have been tempted to sell a few, but then I thought…no.. no…stick to my plan and not sell any until the big day. I think I have my head wrapped around that now.

A bit of info for any of you who may have a publisher on the other side of the boarder….you will have to pay what they call an importing fee when your books arrive. I was a bit surprised… but then… not… as when I have visited the states and have bought some items, I always have to pay duty.

I hope it's true what they have to spend money to make money....cause it seems all I have been doing is spending.

Like I said, I am not selling my book yet…but once I am done here I AM going to sit down and get books in envelopes with accompanying letters….to send/give  to endorsers and some key people.

Tate Publishing will also make coloring books for me of Sam’s Weird Afternoon so I ordered some. I thought they would be great as a draw prize at some of my first book readings with children.  I am also trying to come up with some interesting draw prizes to have at my local book lauch evening. Any ideas????  

I will say bye  for now …make myself a coffee and go get some mailings done.



Paths….But you have to take all of those things, you have to take into consideration the paths, the roadways, how much cloud cover there is, how much foliage cover there is, whether there are streams, all of that comes into play.
Richard Serra

Life is very interesting … the way it  lays out different paths for us to explore or not. I was talking with a long time friend , Susan , to be exact, about just that subject this weekend. Both she and I…  find ourselves in places that…2 years ago…we never could have imagined being in. But here we both are …and how interesting both our lives are at this moment in time.

Paths come in all different sizes and shapes. Some paths we take… are long and others are short. Some paths lead to a zillion other paths and others have only a few …some paths are very clearly defined …others are more like  those made by deer in the woods….some paths we are able to see for miles and others have so much growth around them we are only able to take them  one step at a time. Then there are the paths that are flat and easy to travel….and other that  are hilly with difficult terrain.

There are paths we walk  all alone and others not.  Sometimes we find ourselves on a lit path ….other times we must negotioate a path in the dark.

So that got me to wondering…hmmm….if  paths were clearly lit and laid out like a highway system ….and  if  we could have a bird’s eye view of them… would  the decision of which one to take be easier???…Would that cause us to avoid certain paths ???….Would that cause us to take the simpler paths??…Or would it make it all just more difficult????

I remember when I was much younger and  a bit more nieve.. taking paths …paths my parents did not agree with…but paths that were interesting and exciting. I also remember taking some paths that… unbeknownst to me …were actually quite dangerous.But when we are young…we are invincible…fearless.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney

As we get on in years…do we look  for and take the safer…more predictable paths???…or …are we still curious…do we still like to …occasionally… take the more dangerous , less defined ones??? 

I don’t know about you…but right now for me … I am quite content with the path I am on with Sam. It appears clear and defined right now…but I am sure there will be hills and unclear parts to negotiate… coming up.

Soooo…what kind of path are you traveling on right now???.


I think I will go make myself another cup of coffee.  

  Here is my junk drawer…kind of how I have been feeling…unorganized.
“Would you tell me which way I ought to go from here?” asked Alice.“That depends a good deal on where you want to get,” said the Cat.“I really don’t care where” replied Alice.
“Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), novelist and poet (1832-1898).


Which way I ought to go?…that is exactly how I have been feeling this past while. I have done a lot of thinking and planning over the past months…but it was not until today that I finally took the first step. . Unlike Alice….I  did know where I wanted to go but I was just a bit lost on how exactly to begin…. but now I can say….I have found my “yellow brick road”.
LIving in a small community is wonderful if you have a book you want to share. There are people and resources …it seems….everywhere…who are willing to support your efforts!!  You just have to be open to the opportunities that come along.
April is going to be when  I will make my first “Sam’s Weird Afternoon” splash…and…it will all begin right in my hometown of Morden. Dates for Morden launches/book signing are being set but that means a lot of work for me prior to that…paper…bookmarks…posters…and all of my Sam items must be finished. 
Invitation lists will be made and email invites designed…by me of course. I will be doing a bit of baking and making of a few draw prizes.
So …my work is cut out for me for the next few weeks. Oh…and I got my first check for a signed book to be sent out!!!  That means envelopes must be gotten and hmmmm….I am sure there is more.
I have some places to go and people to see this afternoon and …the gym!!!
I almost forgot…an hour at the gym has to be fit in there.


I once collected buttons with no real measurable goal. Now I have jars and jars of them. They look pretty sitting on the shelf...but don't really have anything to do with them>




a goal is an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.

We have all set goals for ourselves over the years…as I have…with some being met and others not.  So it made me wonder why?

I suppose some are easy and others are more difficult to meet…some we are passionate about and others are not…some are we enjoy working toward and others seem to be just plain work…some take a long time to meet and others not…sometimes we stay on course and other times we get sidetracked..other times we become discouraged and let the goal slip away or change it .  Goals… we all have them.


For me, writing my story was fun, trying to get someone to publish it seemed easy, getting through the publishing process was long, planning a marketing strategy became a passion of mine and now …my next goal is planning events and selling my book.

I wonder…how will I be with this??…Will I be able to stay on track??…Will I get discouraged??…Will this be fun??…Will it be too much work??  Lots of questions.

So …I suppose I should have a more concrete goal than just…sell books.  If I remember from what I have leaned int the past…a goal should be measurable and attainable. I also remember something about…reevaluating  it on a regular basis and making changes if needed.  

 If that is so….maybe I should put a number on my goal ….like….I want to sell 50 books…or 100 books…or 500 books????  All of these are measurable but attainable????…I suppose it depends how much I want to put into it.

If you don’t know where you are going. How can you expect to get there?

 Basil S. Walsh

I will think about that for a while and try to come up with a measurable goal/expectation  for me over the next year…the first year of my book and Sam.

And I must also remember what they say ……if you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results. So reaching my goal may mean changing up my strategy once in a while.

Map out your future, but do it in pencil.  ~Jon Bon Jovi

How about you???…are you working toward a goal right now??…Is it measurable and attainable??…Is your strategy to attain it ….working for you????


And now …for your daily dose of caffine…..

Yes it is Monday again and time for a new word. This week it will be a small on again…so that maybe I will be able to remember it and use it some time……

ADZ    … a cutting tool

Now how is that for a good Scrabble word????

Today I spent quite a few hours and 3 cups of coffee …working on this …my to be quilted Sam banner.  So far I had to redo the head and the arms. Next will be the dotted shoe laces and then the face.

When I started getting a book published little did I know I would get so involved in the character Sam.  He sure is keeping me busy and out of trouble.

Today I have a bit of ….Cabin fever  a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in,for an extended period [1]The phrase is also used humorously to indicate simple boredom from being home alone.[2] The term was first recorded in 1918.[3] Other references have the term in use at least to 1906. An 1820 reference is to an actual fever, common in Ireland, resulting from eating watery potatoes during wet years.

I am going to have to make a call or two this week …just to get out of the house and have lunch with a friend or something!!!  I feel like Sam has kept me way too busy and I need to get out of the house….

Not feeling too pensive today and so will just leave you all with this…


Routine… A prescribed, detailed course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure…A set of customary and often mechanically performed procedures or activities… Habitual; regular: made his routine trip to the store.


Do you remember when you were younger and your parent/s seemed to have some mechanically performed procedures they followed , day in  and day out???  Do you remember thinking…how boring….I will never be like that???

my collection of heart shaped rocks


Well…if you are anything like me…I have become entrenched in daily…habitual activities…and with each passing year…I seem to have more and more of them.  In fact tonight while cleaning up after supper …my comment to my husband was…we are like two well oiled machines, don’t you think..??? I said with pride.Each night it is as if we go into automatic pilot…and a thought came to me ….  We have become out parents!! 

Routine is a ground to stand on, a wall to retreat to; we cannot draw on our boots without bracing ourselves against it. 

— Henry David Thoreau 

So I began to wonder….Do we develop more routine as the years go by to make life easier for us?? …Do you  find that the more routine there is in our  life, the less you think???…Do you have routine  in your day because you want to or because you have to ???..Do you ever even think about this???? 

It is when my routine is interrupted …Itruly realize… it is not a matter of liking or disliking routine…but rather…that… I actually need it to get through the day!!!  .  It is on those days that we forget something…or make a mistake that we might stop and think about it at all.. 

That is what happened in our home today. It was only…After an hour of me driving through the thick fog…to deliver a forgotten  item …because of disruption of someone’s routine…that I finally got to my blog to-day 

I don’t have or need any routine….you might be thinking to yourself right now. But think again…do you brush your teeth before or after your shower??  Do you eat breakfast before or after you get dressed???  Do you put your keys in the same place every day??? Do you always grocery shop on Fridays??… Think about it . 


It is as bad as knowing it is Sunday because there are fish cakes for breakfast.
– quoted in Isabel Lyon’s


Here for you ….more art in a coffee cup…. 


teeny , weeny pin cushions

The act of choosing; choice… The power or freedom to choose… The exclusive right, usually obtained for a fee.

We are often faced with having to decide on options before us. Some are easy and some more difficult. Sometimes our options can be many and sometimes just a few…some we make instantly and others we mull over for days….and all options have consequences..How do we know if we have chosen the right one??? Is there a right one??? Or is there  just… the one that is right… for us…at that moment!!???

Well, I have been confronted with some options which means more decision-making once again. Upon talking with marketing, I asked …”If I were to buy a amount of books, are there any free items such as posters or bookmarks that might come along with them?” 

You don’t know if  you don’t ask.

Tate Marketing  sent me an email…saying yes…and I was given 3 options to choose from…and free as a part of my contract. I had an idea of what they might be and had a good idea what I would choose. However, I was surprised at what they said.

The response to my question was very different …options I  had not even considered  were ….being…a mixture of a number of interesting choices… a free web site, free books, free  30 second trailer, or free airings of the trailer on National (US) networks.

Really, what are the options? Levi’s or Wranglers. And you just pick one. It’s one of those life choices.
Harrison Ford

So I thought ….hummmm….website???…I already have one….free books??…now that’ a thought… trailer???…I like that idea…or free airings of the trailer????…I don’t think I could afford this on my own.

It’s easy to make good decisions when there are no bad options.
Robert Half

The free books I suppose I would use to send out to key people who might promote it…but I can do that myself  for a reasonable cost, however…a trailer and  TV airings of it !!  That would give exposure in a whole new and different way. So my decision on the options was quite simple….Airings of course!!!

Everything computes – you have options, but you always take the right one.
John McEnroe

Is that true?  Do we always take the right ones??? Do we ever really know which is the right one???  Does that mean that no matter which one you take…if you take it…it is the right one for you??…or…is it always the right one…because you  believe it is???…or…is it your attitude toward it that makes it the right one???

Someone once told me… look at the options…choose one….forget about the others and keep on going.

If we don’t move on , will we EVER feel we  made the right one (option)???  Do you alow those phrases to creep  into your  head….if only I had…I wonder if…maybe it would have been better if….I’m sorry I didn’t ….it could have been different if only I had.???

For me…today…I have already forgotten the other options presented to me…this one was easy….hopefully the next option/choice I have to make with my book will be just as easy.

Are you in the midst of options and choosing one???  Believe….that which ever one you make…it’s  the right one….


Gosh…here is some more weird , funny stuff….I have to get cracking on new collections. I should have time tomorrow to at least start one….until then …enjoy

the thinnest house


Moving right along…

I was busy today …..first I worked on my Sam doll …sewed and stuffed the arms and legs and next I will attach them to the torso. I have made the arms and legs very skinny which look  just like Sam’s but stuffing them was no easy task.

 I searched out my collection of knitting needles only to find out …the first one I used… to push the stuffing in with….was too wide as one seam split on each foot… so… I found the skinniest ones I had, and they did the job!! Now I have to  stitch the split seams. I will be careful with the rest so as not to make more work for myself.

And next I did a bit of experimenting to make glasses. I had the wire, but I want them to have a flat look to them. Off the store I went. I found thin sheets of foam in colors….and I thought…hmmmm….. I could cover the wire with this. I just had to make a pattern.    so after supper tonight, I did just that.  My thinking is that if I put two layers of foam together with the wire glued between them, it just might work.  The red is not bright enough…so I will also have to see what happens if I paint the foam. Getting it all cut perfectly will be my challenge…but that can wait till another day.

Tomorrow I will be busy with other things….quilting all afternoon….and I scheduled a facial for myself in the morning….something I haven’t done in about 2 years.  That will be so relaxing…if I remember correctly.

Till tomorrow, have a great day and why not treat yourself to something special too..what ever that might be for you!!


I think I have to get myself a new, silly,  pair of slippers. Each time I find a new  pair to share with you…I can’t help but smile…and a person can’t have too many of those…..smiles that is.

Now these are just downright cute, and they look warm…

My personal journey…..Getting back on track…

Now that the Olympics are over, the TV is off most of the time, I can get back to my work with Sam. I have worked a bit more on   Sam .

 I now have the eyeglasses , on the figurine, to work on and I have no idea how I am going to  make them….any thoughts???? 

  Also, I found a 24 inch, muslin doll pattern at my local thrift shop for $.25  which is just the perfect size for my cloth Sam doll which I have adapted to resemble Sam’s fisque…and have cut out the pieces of the body. If it works well I might make a few of them.  Hair..I have to think about the hair…yarn? string? doll hair? Hmmm…I will wait till the doll it together before I make such a big decision.

I just had a thought…I was wondering how you writers are making out with your creations??  Are you on track or finding other things to spend your time on?  Do you have a designated time to write? What kind of marketing ideas have you tried? Or, is life getting in the way and eating up your days? 

Do you have a personal journey and have you been able to stay on track???


Keeping with that….staying on track….how about more slippers?

Slippers?  socks? slippers? socks?

Patriotism is a love of and loyalty to one’s country.

  • patriotic – inspired by love for your country
   The word patriotism comes from a Greek word meaning fatherland. For most of history, love of fatherland or homeland was an attachment to the physical features of the land. But that notion changed in the eighteenth century, when the ideals of democracy, socialism, and communism strongly emerged into political thought. Patriotism was still a love of one’s country that included connections to the land and people, but then also included its customs and traditions, pride in its history, and devotion to its welfare.


Like they said on TV today…gold can be found all over the world , but today, most of it is in Canada. 


Feeling a little patriotic today.  How about you?


And of course I can’t leave without giving you more of my collections….



The study or science of meaning in language.    The study of relationships between signs and symbols and what they represent.   Also called semasiologyThe meaning or the interpretation of a word, sentence, or other language form:

We’re basically agreed; let’s not quibble over semantics.

How many times have you heard or said that exact phrase?  Why do we “quibble” over the use of the English Language, especially if we are understanding the basic message being told?  Isn’t that why we use language to begin with…to communicate…to understand each other?  And so, if we are understanding each other, why do we let semantics, the small details,  interfere and get in the way ? . Understanding and interpreting words and messages that we receive should be easy, right?  …but is it? 

Words evoke picture in our minds.  Like a chair…I think I can safely say that a chair typically has four legs a back and a flat area for sitting…simple.  However… Take for example the word …camping.  To me …camping evokes images of  a tent, a bathroom that consists of a hole in the ground, a bonfire, a sleeping bag and simple meals cooked over a fire or campstove….to others it involves an R.V., a kitchen, a bathroom, running water, air conditioning and meat and potato dinners….to still others , camping involves a cabin and all that goes with it.   So if someone were to say they went camping…just that one small word can evoke a variety of interpretations… a variety of images and details  in our minds… depending upon our  experiences. 

semantics… so if I say …green…I would put money on it that you immediately saw the color green in your mind.  And if I were to lay out different green paint chips…and asked you to quickly take the one you envisioned…you could easily pick out the one that represented your green. Let’s think about it … was that color a light or dark  green? Was it hunter or lime green?  Was it a primary color or a more muted color?     Who of us has  the correct color?  In this situation, Is there really a CORRECT color?  How would we ever know?  But it is when one person says…I have the real, no, I have the real true green…it is then …that it is all about semantics…and really not worth quibbling over .…        …..                green…           camping…..camping

So, when a person  communicates, using multiple words and sentences , the chance for miscommunication is surely to occur. That makes me wonder….does that mean that…. the more one communicates, in the written or oral form,  the more chance   that  misinterpretation may occur??? 

A fish or a rock...semantics

 So why do we insist on getting caught up on the little things…rather than the larger meaning of what a person has to say?  Does it really matter whether  your last house was white or gray??? or whether it was 10 or 12 degrees out today?? or whether the tree was an oak or ash?  Details, details are the problem…the semantics that make us knock heads at times when those details are not important to the message.

Do you quibble over semantics??  Do you miss the larger  message because you are way too concerned with the little details? Have you ever listened to a couple telling a story when all of a sudden one of them say…no was on Wednesday not Tuesday? The the other says, but I remember _____ and it happened on a Tuesday!!!!  But no…I am sure it was on Wednesday….and By the time they finally return to the story, you can’t even  remember what it was all about. How important was that detail to the listener??  How important was it to the teller??  and in the end….who really cares????  Unless of course it is a contest of details and who remembers more???? 

I think we quibble over semantics more than we really know.  There should be some kind of semanitics code word….like bubble….that when it is said and we hear it …would be a kind of alert…reminding us to immediatly stop talking …drop the details and move on…and use your language for something more constructive…to communicate!!!!

Whew !!  Now that I have that off my chest….I will go and watch a bit of the Olympics.  And again today more gold for the Canadians…go Canadian !!!      oh sorry, got a little carried away there…… But before I leave, slippers…..and wouldn’t you know, my favorite kind…turtles.

Today is Tuesday…and since I missed a word for yesterday….I have one for you today. And what a word it is.  My sister  Sharon, found it and thought I might want to share it with all of you……

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis ..’a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.’

This 45 letter word was coined to serve as the longest English word and is the longest word ever to appear in an English language dictionary.

There…that is  what I call a WORD !!  now maybe that will make  up for all the past weeks I missed a word for the week.  And since I was trying to find 3 letter words …this is like 15 of them.. Hmmm…does that give me future opportunity to miss a Monday without any guilt???  Time will tell.

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning”. …Maya Angelou 

News on the book publishing front…just as I  was beginning to relax…having finished all the editing…another email came  from my publisher about ….EBooks….which will be a part of my book when you buy it.  I forgot all about this!!!    So, in preparing for this I was given 4 voices to choose from…to be the voice of my Sam’s Weird Afternoon. 

After listening to all four…eyes open…eyes closed…eyes open again…I  had picked my favorite. Then I asked my husband to listen and tell me what he thought before I said anything.  We both agreed and I sent that info back to Tate Publishing.  The voice I chose was a male whose voice was very clear and articulate with lots of intonation.  As the pictures in my book have clean lines , are colorful and fun…I think I have chosen the best voice.

Not as simple as the toss of a coin.


I did have the option of using my own voice…getting it recorded in a studio…however…I like the idea of using a male voice which is why I chose to go with a Tate narrator.  I didn’t realize I had input into this part of the process..I just thought they developed it.  So one more phase is in the works and I am anxious to hear the voice I chose… reading my words!!

Changing something on the computer is like finding yourself in a have to get your bearings...turn around to find your way out

Yesterday I had to make a change on my computer….to windows live.  I am always hesitant in making any changes on the computer but this time it went smoothly. I did have to call the help desk once …to find out I had missed the word one space. Other than that, it all seems to be working just fine.  Computers…they are great when they are working but miserable when they aren’t. I was afraid this might be one of those times.   Whewww…..not at all.


Collection time again…..

Tomorrow will be the end of this collection….and another will begin.

Yes…this is Sam. He is not an exact likeness…but  pretty good  . Over the past two days I have worked on him and with a bit more sanding, painting , sealing and then attaching him to an item he can sit on, he will be done.  I baked him yesterday.  I am still debating about the hair…should I add some real like hair…or not?  Now the eyes, mouth and glasses. Those will be difficult.

Still lots of work to do…

I am sitting here thinking about what to write today…and all I can think about is …snow. I look out my windows to see a beautiful blanket of what looks like white fluffy stuff.  I love how after it falls the world looks so clean again!  Fluffy looking I said…however I tried shoveling our driveway yesterday so I could get the car out, that fluffy looking stuff, was packed in, heavy and hard. The wind that blew in the soft fluffy flaked had dropped  it in a drift across the garage door and  pounded  on it ,until it was hard and heavy.

When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels”…anonymous

Are we like the snowflakes? Do we  go from soft  and fluffy …to…hard and heavy…after years of being pounded upon? 

It makes me wonder about our ability to deal with the pounding that life can exert on us and who we become after?  Does all of life’s pounding …really harden us… or do we ALLOW it to do that ?  Hmmm…life’s events can certainly effect a person, but don’t we have control over…if and how we allow it to change us?

Now, you may be thinking…oh sure…but there are times when life is in control and there is nothing we can do about it. You may be thinking of events in your life when you felt you were caught up in the current of life’s flow, unable to do anything but be caught up and dragged through those rough waters.

There are many  books that compare life to a river with all it’s characteristics…slow or fast current, bends and turns, obstacles, calm and turbulent.  How a person travels through life is so much the same. Some things such as …the bends and turns and obstacles  will continuously appear in our lives….so…like the wind on the snow….if we were to call these…the pounding of life…do we have to allow them to make us hard ?

We have all had pounding in our lives… why have some of us become hard?  Why do some people feel they have been pounded on more than others?  Do some people enjoy the poundings? Do some people just like to find the bad and not the silver linings?Why are there people who are pounded on time and time again but never harden.  Have you ever thought about your attitude toward the pounding you have had and if you allowed them to affect you or not ?

 I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.

And now you are expecting to see some more shoes….unfortunaltly I have exhasted my collection. I am working on a new Weird collection and you will see the start of it in a few days.

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