The other evening we had friends for dinner and shortly after they arrived…there was an etiquette question that was raised…which bottle of wine should be opened first…the wine brought by our guests or the wine we had out????  ….The question came up that night and not one of  us …well-educated adults…had any idea of the answer…nor did we really care at that moment…The only thing that mattered was ….get those wine glasses filled!!!   So then I decided I was going to try and find the answer and so went to the “expert”…the trusty ole internet…and this is what I learned….

If someone brings a bottle of wine to your home  ….                                               

  • you  should consider it a gift and treat it as such       
  • if you already have a bottle of wine opened…serve it
  • you can consider opening the gifted bottle (if you like)  along side the already opened one so there is a choice of wines
  • you can save it for you and your spouse…to have at a later date
  • if the guest would like to have it opened….open it anytime during the evening
  • you can open up the gifted bottle of wine immediately… if the gifter is fine with that

So …what did the ole internet teach me today???….did it clear up the confusion around which bottle to open up first???  Did I learn a new piece of etiquette? …and… Will I know better next time what is the right way and the wrong way to deal with this dilemma???  Not really.  What I did learn  is… there is really nothing to learn about it all and anything you do is acceptable . Well I suppose I learned …..not to think about it next time.

I must tell you … mom would  have been  proud of me right now…just that I would even consider ..what is right and wrong in a social situation.  It seems to me….that any etiquette I have learned…I learned from my mom….It is really only curiosity that makes me wonder about the wine thing…If I were  to  live my life by social etiquitte…like my Mom…I would always be worrying , like her….whether I was doing things correctly or not.

What I really think is …that I will….Not worry…be happy…and have another glass of wine!!! 


And now for another installment of my newest collection….people painted into the backround….have a look…