Yes I have a dream…it goes like this….

I have a pile of Sam’s Weird Afternoon…coloring books…sitting on my desk right now….

The dream….I would like to send a free copy out  to some young children …children who live across Canada, the USA  or other country…. ..To a child whom you think would light up when handed an envelope with their name on it ….a young child who might really enjoy it and not just toss it into that “Bermuda Triangle “of a toy chest they have…to a child whose parents would also get a kick out of watching as their child opened up the envelope and  lit up!!!!

When is the last time you had an unexpected surprise???  When is the last time a surprise made you smile and light up??? It felt good didn’t it???

That is what I want to give to a bunch of kids and their parents…that wonderful feeling…the surprise…the sparkle to their day…but I need your help. How your may be asking….???   Names…children for whom I can send my pile of coloring books to.

If you know a child who might fit the bill….please consider helping me by sharing their mailing info to me. I would love to add a special letter to them and their parents to explain  who I am and why they received the book. Now I am sure many of you are unsure about sharing such info with me and I can totally understand your concerns however I am hoping  I will get some .

I will give for you an email and mailing address which you can use to send me names and address’ to fulfill my dream.If you want to give the child’s name …great…I will write the letter to them…if not…that is OK too.

Sam’s Weird Afternoon, 8 Alexandria Bay, Morden, Manitoba  R6M 1P8…or …

I am hoping to get about 25 names.  Thanks in advance for helping me with my newest dream…..

I am still working on a new collection…once I have a few more items I will begin sharing with you.