This past weekend we went to …THE BODY EXHIBITION…which is presently in Winnipeg at the MTS exibition centre.

For anyone who has not heard about it…it is an exhibition of the human body…or should I say…bodies…real bodies.  No…they are not alive…but have been preserved in a polymers of some kind.. Ever wonder what the insides of YOU look like???  Ever wonder how we work ??? or what our insides are made up of????   If so…this is for you!!!  It is very educational and will allow you to see our skeletal , muscle, nerve, systems and more. You will see body parts…and body dissections…all displayed as would be a collection of art sculptures…in fact…I suppose that is what they are!!!If this exhibition comes to your town…I would encourage you to go and check it out.  If you are an athlete or medical or massage person…you don’t want to miss this.

Sam and I were invited to a special story time this weekend as well at McNally Robinson. The group was quite small but we all had a fun time…especially when Josef made balloon creations for the kids. I brought my puppets…Sniffles, Snuffles and Elliot … for the kids to have fun with. It is always amazing how even the quietest child becomes animated when a puppet is doing the talking for them.  Not a book selling day…but definitely worth the time.

A note about the jack-o-lanterns in today’s posting..  These two were sent to me by a visitor to this site…Thanks to a reader …from sunny Florida…for these wonderful creations…I think he not only did a great job cutting out…but the photography makes them come to life…don’t you agree???

Collections….I have such fun finding these things…I hope you enjoy seeing them…Butter…yes…butter has been the media used in the past few sculptures I have and why would anyone choose butter of all things. I would suspect they must do their art in a large fridge/freezer or something  so as not to melt.  I get enough cold… just living here in Manitoba…maybe the artist live in hot climates and enjoy the change of temperature….I just don’t get it…but I love the creations…..