So…how hard can it be you may wonder???  Well….Let me tell you…pretty darn hard!!

I am on head #4 and either it is too small…too round…too skinny…pin head looking…and it seems no matter how hard I try to make a better pattern…it just does not look anything like Sam from my book!!!  So I think it is time to rethink and maybe do a bit more research on-line. I have watched many tutorials on you tube and it looked so easy…ha!!  I guess if had been making them for years…it would be easy.

So I will go take a few pictures to give you an idea of what I am talking about.  However…so as not to have them go to waste…I have finished them for the kids to play with….see….

I actually think the harder I try the worse they are…but that will not stop me. I am determined to have one to bring with me on Oct. 16th reading that looks kind of like Sam. I will let you know if I am successful or not.  The one good thing about it all is I am having fun!!!

Let’s get back to sand and my thoughts on it….or should I say…others thoughts on it….

  • To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.  William Blake
  • Time is like a handful of sand…the tighter you grasp it…the faster it runs through your fingers.
  • Our best built certainties are but sand houses and subject to damage from any wind of doubt that blows.  Mark Twain

  • Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble.  French proverb
  • You throw the sand against the windand the wind blows it back again.  William Blake
  • If you must speak ill of not speak it write it in sand,ear the water’s edge.