All’s well today and so I will stop my telling you about my appliance issues and get on with the real blogging….

Sand…ever think about sand???   How small each piece is and how many it must take to develop one little beach???  Ever wonder why..there is some sand you can drive a car on and others you can’t ….and why do they call it quick sand???  I that really made of sand???  Or how about sand in an hourglass…do all hour glasses use the same kind of sand and has anyone actually timed an hour-glass to see if it really takes the time it says????

Sand…what a topic you might be thinking…but I have to tell you I have found some wonderful things (sculptures) made with sand and want to share them with you over the next few days..  Anyone ever make a sand castle???  I remember loving to do just that when I was younger…For the past three years I had been wanting to do just that while on holidays….but  I never did…why not???  I am not sure…Too childish???…not for me but I suppose I hadn’t done it in so long that a but of intimidation crept in there.

Well….these people were not intimidated !!!   I would wonder how many hours it took to do some of these and how long they remained in tact. Kind of like preparing for anything…the making takes hours…but the taking down…only minutes.  For example…a dinner…an event…a stage show..etc. There is something kind of sad about that  :(……

And so…here they are…Sand Creations….I hope you enjoyed them as you read my post. Pretty amazing work!!