I would be the first one to say I love mystery…but this has gone way too far for me.  My computer does not want to turn off!!!  It seems to have a mind of its own and although my trusty computer guy worked on it for 2 days…he could not find out why…nor could he fix it.

So computer….I will have to resort to actually unplugging you.. to get you to turn off from here on in.

However…I am back and ready to blog my little heart out !!   I will get to work on some new virtual collections…and…share some weird and interesting  photos with you in the days to come. I must go to bed…have a heavy shopping day tomorrow and I wouldn’t want to be tired.

Take note of  the left side bar…scroll down a bit and you will find a link to a daily funny quote you can check on each time you visit.  I will leave you with one weird but beautiful  photo before I leave….