Just walked the dogs and is it ever beautiful outside…the leaves on the trees are all golden and falling to the ground…What a peaceful time of year.

Ok now…I have a few words to say about BUGS !!!  VIRUS’ !!! and  TROJANS !!! and I am not talking about the trojans you can buy in your local drug store.

It seems our computer was attacked by a “very bad  bug…virus” the computer guy told me.  His first question to me was  “Did you click on anything?? “.  My answer to that was “no”.  But I must now admit …I was feeling a bit guilty as I said that one little word…no…because I actually wasn’t really sure.  As I stood there continuing to tell him what happened …trying to portray the look of innocense….however….feeling like I used to in the church confessional on Saturdays…. I wondered if he knew I was lying. 

Guilt is regret for what we’ve done…Regret is guilt for what we didn’t do.

You see, it all happened so fast…a dialogue box popped up telling me the computer had been attacked by numerous virus’ and trojans.  The box had a blinking ban on it encouraging me to hit the repair button. There was a red shield …kind of like my anti virus program…but not exactly…on it. I was confused…and felt some kind of urgency for some reason…and so …. tried to close the box.

Now this is where it gets weird…my heart started to race and my stress level went way up.  Now that I think about it…it is hard to believe that this hunk of plastic  could have such a negative affect on anyone!!  But it did…and…I do believe it caused me to panic and  yes…I hit the top X on the dialogue box…only to have more boxes open up that kept encouraging me to repair…repair…repair  !!!

Then during those  moments of computer stress…I finally calmed down and a logical thought came to me.  I  tried to run a scan of my true antivirus program in hopes of it fixing  it all.  Ahhhh…yes…it found two issues but could not repair them …so I did the next best thing and shut down the machine. The next morning when I turned it on…..there was the  “blue screen of death” as my computer guy called it…basically…nothing but a few words letting me know …ut oh…bad news.

So after a few days of working on it and a some  $$$$   later …this is what I learned from my computer man….Neil…

  • If something pops up on my screen that I don’t recognize..next time I will …..
    • Not panic…in fact…I will take a breath and calm down so I am thinking straight
    • Drag the dialogue box to the right of my screen…I will  not click on any part of it
    • Open up  our anti virus program/s one at a time and conduct a  full scan/s
    • If I had not done something stupid like try to X out of the weird box…the program will most likely repair it.

Hard to believe we can become a victim of our computers…that we can allow them  to have such control over our lives when it is usually a very simple action required  to fix things

…alas…if only I knew of all the simple  actions….  

But….not this gal…no more computer victimization for me…from here on in…I will control it  !!  I will, I will, I will.