CIRCLES   CIRCLES   CIRCLES      So..been seeing circles lately???? So, there you have it…more circles.  It seems I keep seeing circles everywhere I look !!  How about you??   Seen any interesting ones of late???    Tomorrow I will give the identity of all the circles I have made you look at…I wonder how many you can guess.

And now…let us move on to something else.  Good deeds…have you done any lately??  Well I tried yesterday when I was at the grocery store. I had the counter full of all of my groceries when a man came up in line behind me with one item…so…trying to be a good person I looked at him and  said…”You can go ahead of me if you like”…thinking  that his sale would be fast and no need for him to wait for my many items.  Nice thing to do…wouldn’t you say???   Well, this man, looked me straight in the eye and said…NO.   Not …sure thanks…or…no thanks…but instead…a flat NO.  And in fact he was quite abrupt and kind of rude.  I wanted to say something to him …like …having a bad day???…but I was tongue-tied ((something I am very rarely…just ask my husband)).

Strange but he actually made me feel like I was the rude one…like…how dare I !!!   Chalk one  up to  one good deed gone bad.  It all made me wonder if I have ever refused a good deed from someone…and if I did…did I make them feel bad too??   If I have …so sorry!!

Graciously accepting something  from someone … for many of us is a very difficult thing to do.  I was reminded of this just the other day when I was told that  I could be more gracious when I receive  a complement.  I have worked on this over the years. So I wonder…why is it such a difficult  thing for us humans to do???   Why… when it is so easy to give… do we find  it so difficult to receive??? 

I think the trick is to keep in mind how you make a person feel by NOT being gracious when receiving…like the man in the grocery store.  I felt so good just  offering….and he took away that wonderful feeling  I could have had…even if only for a moment.

Yes…that’s it…by not accepting…we are actually taking away!!!  So…gone on… accept and be gracious.  If we don’t…we both could be losing a precious moment.

Now here is a precious moment if ever I saw one.