A floating art sculpture..to the right is a closeup.

Yes…I am now back. …after a week of computer troubles….your trusty blogging friend is back on-line !!!!

Had a bit of a glitch this past week …after a small black out….my computer got fried!!  You can be sure that if I am not home or am sleeping or if there is a storm out…this baby will be turned off so this never happens again. How inconvenient. At first I had got a terrible feeling and then…… of …OH NO!!…I hope all of our files are not gone for good…but once I found out that for a price …it was all retrievable I relaxed. Then came that feeling of being disconnected to the world.

This is kind of how I felt when I found out my computer had crashed…… 

I thought I might have a bit of computer/blog withdrawl…but… low and behold…NOT !!  I thought my evenings would feel long without my buddy computer…but….again…NOT.  In fact…not having the constant hum of the equipment going was really quite relaxing.  I had lots of time to do other things like shop…work on items for the craft show…clean up my craft room…and even clean out some closets and wash  windows!!!   So now I am thinking …taking regular holidays from the computer world may be a good thing to do. I will have to look at my calendar and do just that…mark out some time.

But here I am…feeling the need to give my computer a bit of attention.  I did spend the past two days inputting programs and making sure the system is all  in place….but that was like maintanace…a necessity …this is more like giving attention to a good buddy.

Just thinking about yesterday…THE ZOO….we visited the Assiniboine Zoo and what a hoot that was….I am sure it has been a few decades since I have been there and of course my favorites were the monkeys…especially the babies…I could have sat myself right down with a nice drink and watched them for hours as they interact so much and just make everyone laugh.  It was fun, nostalgic and a relaxing way to spend a few hours together.  If only I had my camera with me. However, below are some pictures of some of the animals we saw….