“I want to put a ding in the universe.”

— Steve Jobs

Ding, ding, ding !!!   Do you want to put a ding in the universe???   Do you want to leave a mark on the world some how???

That is something I never thought much about years ago.. I think I was just so busy getting through each day that …Dinging…the world some how just never came to mind!!   But as each year comes and goes and as I begin to age…yes age I said….I do think about leaving a mark on the universe…about the fact that one day….POOF!!!…as easy as that I could disappear (so to speak)….and the world will just carry on as it has for centuries.

Think about it for a minute….think about all the …DINGS….people have made…like wonderful poetry and beautiful music or artwork for all of us to enjoy forever…not just things our family and friends might remember…but things the world can remember/see/listen to and enjoy.  Depending upon your abilities/skills there are zillions of them…DINGS.

Have you ever thought about it???   Dinging the universe???   Maybe you have already left some out there and don’t even realize!   Maybe you are working on one right now…a mark,a DING.

I think Sam could be one of my DINGS…Never really thought about it that way when I got started on it a number of years ago…but…yes…I think Sam and my book might just become one of those DINGS.   Well …now that I have determined that ,,,the only thing left to do is to get it out there to as many kids as possible ….as far out as possible so it lasts way after I have disappeared!!!   Looks like there is still work to be done.

How about you????    Do you want to leave a mark on the universe???….a DING???   Will you leave a mark????   Do you even care about it all???   When the years have passed and you have  gone….POOF….what will you leave???

There is a strange charm in the hope of a good legacy that wonderfully reduces the sorrow people otherwise may feel for the death of their relatives and friends

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra