Yes….I was on the road …. a small piece of road that  was part of the walk….we… Chicks from the Sticks…went on this morning.  The Chicks from the Sticks is a group of women… I think about 12 strong….who walk, usually once a week. Some days  there are only three and others…like today …there are 10. I had heard about them for a several years and then I was invited to join. It has been two years now and I walk when I am free.  Today we walked the Burwalde Creek Trail…with our trusty guides …Jan and Carol Ann…leading the way.

The road…yes the road….let’s get back to the road. Well, we had to walk a few areas of gravel country lanes (as I call them) and then there was the road…the highway.  We  had to go onto it…cross over the dike /bridge and  stay close to the sides in order to not get hit by oncoming traffic.  Then I heard someone say…run, run…a truck is  coming…and so I did…we all did….run  as fast as we could .  Seconds after… 5 large semi trucks came heading right for the dike/bridge.  Ten women, running in single file on the side of a highway….how funny must that have looked…but we all made it!!

A bit later…we thought there must have been a truck that passed by on the gravel roads that was filled with corn…as we found some cobs here and there on the gravel  as we walked.  It reminded me of the bread crumbs  dropped in Hansel and Gretal…to help them find their way.  In this case the corn could be seen here and there…. appeared still in good shape and it would have been a shame to just leave it on the road…and so we picked it up.

But later I thought  that ….maybe the cobs were left there on purpose…maybe they were strategically put there.. Might  it be a trail someone had  left to help them find their way home????….or …Maybe someone had been kidnapped ….and left the trail in hopes of someone following it and finding them????…Could it be that by our taking those cobs…. we have interfered in something we should not have????    should I  go and retrace our steps to see if the trail goes on longer??? Hmmm…no…I think I will just have corn for supper instead.

Weird or beautiful????