Yesterday, as I was making supper… for some reason I got thinking about growing up.  Now, I am not talking about the process of going through those childhood years that we call ..growing up…but rather…those years between 25 and 60.  Yes…somewhere in those years…I suppose I grew up… I suppose somewhere in there we all grow up…become grownups.

Isn’t it funny how when we are young we can’t wait to be a grownup!!  But then the years pass and I guess we do…become a grownup that is. But when exactly does that happen???   It seems I kept waiting for it but I never actually saw it occur.  I got married and had a child, had a wonderful career,  but I still never felt like a grownup…what ever that is.  In fact, I never much thought about it at all.  When I do think about it….It seemed that I was playing house forever and all of a sudden one day…I wasn’t playing anymore.  How and when did that occur??  When does a life go from playing to not??  When is that moment when we grow-up???

Still to this day there are times when I stop for a moment…look around at my house and yard in amazement and wonder.  I wonder because I don’t exactly know how I got there…and…I think of my mom…who passed away many years ago. I picture her in our old home in Connecticut and realize that…. I am her!!!  Yes..I am . Well, in a way.  And I realize that I AM a grownup…I must be a grownup!!!

Remember Peter Pan and Never Never Land??  Have I been living in Never Never Land all these years???  And if I have, is that such a bad thing???