There are times I sit at my computer wracking  my brain…that gray matter that sits just above my neck, trying to think of something to write that might actually be of interest to those other than myself.   And there are days like today when I can’t even come up with anything that is of interest to little old me !!

Can a mind truly ever be empty???   Can a mind be void of thought at times???   To meditate they say you have to empty my mind..but is that really possible???    Can a person close all those files in the brain  that have been stuffed to the max with information over a lifetime??  Can a person close them and lock them with a magic key for even a few seconds??

Sometimes it’s harder to attain inner silence than outer silence.  The dog stopped barking and the kids have gone to bed, but your mind has a lot to talk about and it knows you can’t pretend you’re not at home.

~Linda Solegato

Have you ever tried to clear your mind only to have it rev up even more???   Like if someone told you NOT to think about…for instance…your children….wouldn’t just the suggestion cause you to not be able to get them out of your mind???   Or if someone told you not to think about food…there is probably a good chance you will not only think about it more but possibly begin to feel hungry.

The power of suggestion can be a powerful force.  It controls us in ways we may never know.

So ..What about children???   I would suppose a parent has the ability to use that power of suggestion in that case as well…right???   Tell a child … No running… they will run…tell them..let’s walk… and they just might.  Tell a child …don’t yell…and what will they do???  Most likely…Yell.  But say to them .. use a quiet voice…and there is a chance they will.

That is the power of suggestion.

I guess my mind wasn’t empty at all…


How is that for a weird hair dye job???/