To all you wanna be published writers out there…Since the day I signed a contract with Tate Publishing….I have learned so very much…Much about the publishing business…much about book writing…much about what being a published author really means…and much about myself…Rather than dribble on and on…I will just make a list….here it is…..

Don’t Publish a Book If…..

  1. you can’t feel extremely proud of you creation
  2. you are intimidated to ask  for opinions of it from friends and family and other writers
  3. you expect your publisher do all the selling of your book for you
  4. you assume your job is over once you sign a contract
  5. you expect to make enough money to leave your day job.
  6. you are easily discouraged
  7. you don’t like using the computer.
  8. you do not plan on going out there to sell it
  9. you have no money to put into the project
  10. you are not flexible and willing to compromise
  11. you are intimidated by meeting strangers.
  12. you are not interested in learning about marketing
  13. you are not a self-starter
  14. after beginning the publishing process….you plan on spending 24/7…365 days a year…writing

and the following comes from a visitor to this blog…more good advice…thanks to “naked listener”

Don’t publish a book if … you cannot write to spec or work fast or be adaptable, such as not being able to suddenly get up at 3am to work on the 17th draft or get a tad tetchy about how the editor edits your manuscript.

Publish a Book  Only If…..

  1. you are willing to devote hours to the book…. after signing a contract or beginning a publishing process
  2. you enjoy meeting and talking with new people..any people
  3. you enjoy the computer and are willing to  develop and put time into  a blog, site, Facebook page, twitter account
  4. you are ready to physically get out there , pound the pavement and sell  your book
  5. you can afford to do so
  6. you are self motivated and willing to step out of  your comfort zone
  7. you are willing to research, research, research all you can find about book marketing
  8. you are willing to accept criticism
  9. you are self motivated and can work well on your own
  10. you have a good understanding of  your and your publisher’s job descriptions
  11. you can view this as a long-term commitment…2,3,5 years.
  12. you are willing to compromise  if required
  13. you are able to keep up a comfortable pace and not crash and burn after the first few months of release
  14. you are able to find fresh new ways to get excited about your book  to motivate others to buy

Well there you have it….Things I have learned….so far…    Like starting a new job there is always a steep learning curve at the beginning of it and my book publishing adventure has been no different….With new jobs they always say…year one-challenging….year two-beginning to understand it better…year three-know the job pretty well by now…year four – very competent…year five-  ?????

I wonder how it will have all gone when  June …2015 …rolls around…that would be the five-year mark.

Weird , weird, weird…..