I just love the internet!!!

I received a message today from a friend/family living in Montreal at the moment…someone who used to be a big part of my life many years ago…and…all I could do was smile as I read.  It was so good to hear from her.  In 1999 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer…she sent me a beautiful framed drawing called…”Goddess of Hope”….I remember how it was so carefully packed with tissue paper ….with  ladybug stickers all over the wrappings….funny the things you remember!  Anyway that drawing hangs on my bathroom wall where I can see it daily…. Not only is it a reminder of how I beat my cancer… but also…it makes me think often of this special person who drew it and sent it to me many years ago.

I suppose we all have items in our homes that …when we look at them… remind us of someone who is or has been  a very special  influence in our lives…someone who has touched us in some special way…. It may be a person who  touched us for just a moment or someone who was a daily part of our lives…

It is strange how people can come and go from our lives….and I wonder some days….why???   I suppose geography can be a problem…or maybe a change in situation like….job change, retirement, a move,  divorce or death.   And then there is interests…sometimes we may lose touch with someone because our interests are no longer the same and so our paths just no longer cross.   Although there are thousands of people who pass through our lives…and it would be impossible to stay connected to them all….ever wonder why some of them seem to always be with you even if you never are in contact with them???

Think about it for a minute….who are the people in your life…  you seem to carry with your everywhere you go????  Who are the ones that  most influenced your life???  Who are the ones you often warmly think about??? Wouldn’t it be nice if we were to be able to contact all of them…and tell them????

Imagine if there was a special day to do just that…like Mother’s or Father’s day… Hmmmm..now what could we call it???  Have any thoughts  or ideas on that one????  It would be a day where everyone contact one special person…. who really influenced your life…and tell them just that….and….think how cool would it be if…. on that day….. someone contacted  YOU!!!

Well…how about today….To the wonderful person who I spoke about in my first paragraph….You are one of those people!!  We may no longer spend time together…but you should know…I think of you often and think of the wonderful memories we both share.

Wheeww…now that wasn’t too difficult.   In fact…what a good feeling that just gave me.   Go ahead….I dare you to try it…let someone know they were and still are still important in your life…it may just make your day!!  It did just that for me!!!


Here is the second of my WEIRD pictures…..have a good day….