Vancouver Aquarium …the three musketeers.

I am unpacked and getting back into the regular schedule of my life…drinking the great coffee  my husband makes every morning, eating at least one salad a day, and blogging !!  It has been over a week and not blogging!  I thought for sure I was going to have some strange kind of withdrawal symptoms…but NO…not a one. I was so busy I didn’t even have time to miss this.

But now I am home and the computer calls me…so…here I sit…my mind thinking faster than I can write and my two dogs curled up at my feet., a coffee on my desk ….. Ahhh…what more can a person ask for.

So now…getting to the motivation thingy….Puppets…yes puppets..I think this is going to be my newest book motivation.  Book motivation you may be thinking????  What does a puppet have to do with a book????  Well,  Sam of course !!   I am going to practice making puppets and hopefully get good enough to be able to make one that looks  like my Sam.  My thinking is ….what a great item to bring with me when reading to children.  Maybe I can make a number of them to bring with me for the kids to try???   OK  now, maybe I am getting ahead of myself…but ….see what I mean about motivating me???

I think it was also Vancouver. It is such a creative, eclectic , artsy… place.  I always love how I feel when I come home from there.

If you have gone to my page of where Sam has traveled…I will be adding two new locations today. One is Aloha, Oregon where George lives who bought my book for his grandson. George and I went to high school together way back in the 60’s.  The other location is Washington D.C where Sam went for a holiday  with Paula and family….my shoelace supplier. In fact she sent me a few photos of her visit that I will now share with you….Thanks for that Paula.

Sam at the Capitol. Washington DC

Sam at the Korean War Memorial.

Sam at the Smithsonian Museum.

Sam at the Lincoln Memorial.

Do you have a camera ??? would you  like to take a picture of   Sam in front of  the sign for your town or any other place you might visit and send  it/them my way?   I think I will make a special page on …and post all the photos I receive.  Oh, oh….I just thought….this could be another collection of mine.  Just one little photo from each of you and send it to .  Please don’t send any photos with people in them unless you don’t mind me posting it .


Talking about my collections…it is time for a new one to begin…this time it will be weird pictures and things…

Look at the centre window…..yikes !!!