they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music. 

~William Stafford

I spent the day today with a bunch of kids and did I ever have a fun time.  Being around children can give adults the licence to be childlike….And I watched today as the children played and it is so true…

Everything you need to know about life you can learn from watching children…

helping others, laugh a lot, sharing your things, putting away your toys, being polite to others, taking turns, being truthful , taking naps is good, never throw sand in someone’s eyes, you can never have too many hugs….just to name a few.

Do you think that being around children can be good for one’s health???…All the laughing and silliness surly can’t hurt???   

Maybe we should all just close our eyes and twirl once a day!!!

Maybe we should all turn off the music and dance!!!


A house made out of a grain bin.