A little sunshine for you…. 


I was invited to be  a guest reader at McNally Robinson’s ,…friday morning storytime in Winnipeg. I was so thrilled that two children in the group either had heard the story or owned the book!!! I was also able to see where and how my book was displayed in the store….some were at the front cashier’s counter….more were on a table in the back and more were on the shelves along with hundreds of other titles…however…Sam was right at the front of the whole bunch!!!So I thought…hmmmm…was that because my book was a new one??? or Was it because I was there to read??? or Was it prominently placed because of its small size and it would have gotten lost behind other bigger ones??? … 

Did this event sell any books?? I don’t know. Should I do more of such events??? For sure!! 

Earlier this week , knowing I was going to be in Winnipeg, I thought I might as well make the trip worth while….so…I phoned two other bookstores …who told me to bring in my book and they MIGHT CONSIDER having it in their stores sometime in the future..They both told me that they have limited books on consignment and that mine would have to go through a review process and MAYBE…just maybe..they would consider putting it on their shelves…. 

And so I DID meet with Chapters and Indigo on Friday… I was a bit intimidated meeting them…a bit unsure how they would react to Sam…a bit nervous after walking through their children’s sections to see hundreds of wonderful books on the shelves…Both people I spoke with…. appeared to like my book and both are calling me next week to discuss details…and they truly sounded sincere…and … it I am hoping Sam will soon be available in their stores!!!. … they both also asked if I would come to their reading times in the future and of course I said …YES!!! 

They told me they do not get very many new children’s titles….and it seems that is a good thing for me and Sam….but…What about their review process???…What about the ..we MIGHT consider???… But happily…Without even reading the story…they wanted it. So there must be a bit of truth about the fact that it is the cover of a children’s book that initially sells it. 

 But what about the  story???…How important is it to getting a book on the store shelves???…Maybe it is the cover that gets a book on the shelf  but the  story that will decide how long a book stays there…I wonder how good my story  will prove to be??? 

I have started a new Sam adventure. After reading about the weird afternoon to  groups of children…I ask the kids for their ideas to help me with my new story…and they have provided me with lots of material!! Now I just have to sit down and work on it. Will it ever be a book or will it just be a story I read. Hmm…first I have to find out how much I even like being an author and if I am willing to do the work required for a second book. 


More recycling…. 

Red neck mansion from a recycled theatre set. Airplane house.