these  two faces…. sure did make me giggle!!!   


Last night was the second installment of a writing workshop at McNally Robinson Bookstore… which I signed up for and a second time I found it very motivating…   

Ever heard of “Imagination Manifesto, Catch that Catfish or Hope and the Walleye” (interesting  work)???   Neither had I, but now I own copies  .  Toone and Chomiachuk …created these three works and were the facilitators of the workshop. During this workshop…A  variety of  topics were discussed and these two guys ,  shared with us their experience.   

Setting deadlines was one topic …ow necessary they are and all writers/artists must embrace the concept….  then came the discussion about  “writer’s block”   …what should a writer do when he/she  get  “THE block”?..Toone and Chomichuk  both said there is never a need for the block!!!…You may have difficulty being motivated by project A…and so….always make sure you have a project B or C  (your next book ??)….but always have another project you can turn to .  Or maybe it…THE block… occurs when you write a page , and then  keep staring at it not able to move ahead…try putting  THAT page away…get it out of you sight and then sit down and try again …these were a few tidbits I learned.   

There was discussion about meeting publishers and editors …how to and not to   

 approach them…how much of their time to take up…what to say and what not to say…what to show and what not to show them.   They  talked about “shameless self promotion”  which … these two guys…did , very subtly throughout the evening….and they showed us how printed material can aid in that…Also we heard about printing and how to get the most for your money.  And they said over and over, you have to do something to stand out…you have to give a reason for you to be remembered. 

I've got hair...I will do something with my hair...that should make me stand out...right???


Again it was an interesting evening and gave me lots to think about for a while.    


From my collection…Items or buildings  made from Recycled Materials   

Building made out of newpaper.

House made of beer cans.