As I have not Robert Munsch quiz for you….I do have this to share….Here are the inside covers of  two books I received from ..”Robert Munsch” …one before my book was done and one after…I look at them every once in a while when I need a bit of motivation…My husband thinks that he had an assistant do this for him…but I am going to believe that he did it himself!!!… 


I learned something today about selling books on consignment…Many bookstores only sell a certain amount of books at a time on consignment…which I didn’t realize until today…I found out that their “on consignment” book list is reviewed on a regular basis to decide which ones will remain and which ones will be taken off the list…In order for a book to be considered for consignment sales…the author..ME…has to give the store with a copy of the book along with information about it and myself for review. 

                            So I got to thinking…if an author wants their book to be considered for future consignment sales…and the store has many authors wanting the opportunity to sell their creation….how can I make sure that my book stands out from the rest???…What can I do to make sure that my book will look interesting to the powers that be???….What can I  do to make sure Sam’s Weird Afternoon will not be passed over????

Well, to begin with…I will be sure … those  people who hold Sam’s fate in their hands…will get to meet me in person…(maybe I shouldn’t assume that will help…What if they don’t like me???)…  I will  give them a signed book…I will be sure they get a few pages of information about me and my book…I suppose it couldn’t hurt to toss in a pair of shoe laces….a few bookmarks…a CD of the audio …And for sure I will bring my Sam doll and figurine….Maybe that will all help …Sam…stand out from the others???…I will keep you posted . 

So now I am wondering…what is it that makes a children’s picture  book…good???… The more I read Sam’s adventure to groups of children…the more I am learning from them…It is very interesting to observe different age groups and their reactions ….interesting that the larger the group of children, the more interested  they seem to be…that the older the children …8-10 yrs…the more inquisitive they are about the story and about the book writing process. 

I have found that …the more places I visit to read…the more fun I am having…the more fun I am having the longer I try to keep the attention of the group …It is an interesting challenge.  Some readings go so very  well but there are the times when… no matter how hard I try …the story , Sam and I, do not seem to be so well received…. 

Could it be me and not the children that make the difference???….Could it be that some days I am just not as good at reading????…And if that is so…what is it that makes a good reading …good????….I am beginning to feel …a bit like a performer!!…Before reading I do a few fun things to get the children listening…and once the book is done…I ask the children to help me with a possible new Sam adventure….And then I ask them to sing a song or two for/with me….I am always surprised at how excited they are to share their ideas…If I do decide to do another book… with all of their ideas…I will surely have to dedicate it to all the children in the daycares and elementary schools of Southern Manitoba and thank them for sharing their imaginations with me!!! 


Here are a few more things made from recycled material…more from my collection… 

This building is made completely out of old sinks.


Dresses made from paper and coffee filters.


Here is a bridge made of cardboard tubing.