Yes, I made my book order yesterday and in asking Tate Publishing about any free PR items to go with it I was thrilled to find I would be getting 30 free Sam coloring books and 400 free bookmarks!!! …It sure pays to ask. So now I am wondering …If I didn’t ask…would I have received??…  

 I am becoming more and more assertive in my book marketing attempts.  Another author called it …Shameless Promotion….He said that it is something a published author has to get comfortable with…Well I must admit it is not easy but I am trying my best…I am not a timid person however…selling yourself and your work is one of the most intimidating activities I have ever had to do. (correction…the most intimidating activity I have ever decided to attempt)  

I have spoken to large groups, run large meetings, gone to places where I knew no-one and have been quite comfortable…But to show my work to people, book store owners, other writers…and most of all …your friends….is daunting at first…You must love your work !!!…is what they say…If you expect anyone to even be interested in it…You have to be thrilled with what you have to share…That is easy cause I am thrilled with my Sam book….but I still have to work on the sharing of it with ease and comfort…I hope with time that will come.  

I have ordered some business cards now as well. 2500 of them!!!  It was a good deal and I hired my daughter Michelle to design them. But what the heck will I do with all those cards??? …I suppose it will give me something I can leave wherever I go…without fear of running out…I think between my Sam stamp and my new business cards…my marketing budget is spent!!!….Well, I actually don’t have a marketing budget…I am just spending.  

I will leave you today with this thought….  

 Shameless… implies a lack of modesty, sense of decency, or regard for others’ rights or feelings….    



I was getting tired of all those beards and so am beginning a new collection. This time  it is of items made from recycled materials….I think you will find this very interesting.