This is my post for tomorrow…Monday

I found a site the other day…that was devoted completely to laughing…It was a fun few moments I had and although I did not laugh out loud…I did have a few inner tee-hees to myself…

So today I would like to first…tell you a few facts about laughing…Have you ever wondered how often in a day you have laughed???…Have you ever how often you have caused someone to laugh???…Have you ever realized that you don’t laugh as much as you did when you were young????….

It seems there have been a few studies about laughter…and they have found …

  1. a child laughs 200 times per day, while adults only laugh about 15 times

When you laugh…you are…..

  1.  lowering your blood pressure, you’re reducing your pain levels, you’re even helping your cholesterol
  2. You’re getting oxygen into all the cells in your body, which is something we need for energy and vitality
  3. You’re changing your brain chemistry, which causes the brain to produce a variety of chemicals that                                           naturally make you feel better and also stops producing the chemicals that make you feel anxious and tense
  4. whether your giggles are spontaneous or forced, and the benefits are the same

Studies suggest ….adults should try to regain the lost joy of childhood by becoming more playful and humorous.

 I also found out that there are laugh groups or clubs with  the sole purpose….to laugh!..Just to sit around together and laugh!!

So this all got me wondering…Why don’t we laugh more often???….Is it because we don’t think to???….Is it because we tend to more often get upset or stressed about things???…Has our perspective become so…that we just don’t see the humor in lots of things any more???

Here’s a thought….next time the glass of milk spills…rather than get mad or upset…why not laugh???…The damage is already done…It will have to be cleaned up no matter how you feel about it…so why do we compound the event by getting angry???…Why not just have a good laugh as we wipe up the mess????…Is it possible to just decide to be a happy person???…Is it possible to begin to laugh each time we find ourselves about to get upset???…Can we make ourselves laugh more often in a day???…Is that within our power???

There are so many different types of laughter…the belly laugh…the double over laughing, laugh…the unstoppable giggle…the little tee hee…and the inner silent laugh…there is the loud HO HO HO…and the strange funny infectious laugh… the uncontrollable laugh when  being tickled…and the laughing that makes you almost pee in your pants…Someone can cause you to laugh…or something can as well…You can choose to be funny and elicit a laugh in someone else…You can laugh because it is contagious and at times you may have no idea what caused it.





As for me…my blog sure helps me smile and laugh  more often…Each time I find an interesting picture to share…I giggle inside…the more I find the more I want to keep looking…All the children I share Sam with…they  keep making me laughing…and one of the reasons I love my quilting group on Wednesdays is…they always make me laugh…Do you know what makes you laugh???…And did you know that animals laugh as well???… 

It’s more than just a matter of laughing. If you can see things out of whack, then you can see

 how things can be in whack.   Dr. Seuss

Now, if I could find just one thing everyday to laugh at ..that would be good……I suppose…if I wanted to ….I could laugh everyday  …I could be my own laughing club…and each night before I go to bed I could just think about something from the day and have a little Tee  Hee  Hee before I close my eyes and drift off!!!

I hope today I have given you something that will help you  laugh..  smile…or at least … have a quiet inner tee hee.