.Oh no....I forgot .....again!!!

Did you know that today is …I Forgot Day????….I had no idea until I googled…special days and found that today is special. 

I Forgot Day, by definition, today is not a day to remember. So, just what are you forgetting? Can you even remember? Is it important? Hopefully, not. 

I must admit that I am really not clear on the meaning of the day…Is it a day we should forget??…Is it a day where forgetting is OK???…Is it a day to celebrate the fact that we are forgetful??…Or is it just another day like any other?? 

When it comes to forgetting…I am a pro…I forget that I put some wash in some days…I forget that I have something in the microwave sometimes when we have company for dinner…I forget to put the garbage out on Thursdays…some days I forget to take out some meat from the freezer..or I forget to mark a date on my calendar….and that is just a taste of my forgetfulness. 

I have learned to compensate a bit ….I write messages on my hands…I use timers and have even bought a watch with a timer so I can carry one with me where ever I go…I make lists…I leave sticky notes around..But then there are days when I even forget to to do any of that. 

It is quite interesting how there are some things I never forget…and the details associated with them are easy to remember. So of course I got wondering about forgetfulness…Why do we forget???….maybe because we don’t want to remember…maybe because it was not important enough to remember….maybe we forget because we have too many things to remember…Do you think that … maybe we forget because our minds are putting their energies into more important functions???…Could it be that there is only so much energy in a mind …so that when it is taxed by illness or age or stress….that energy gets directed to other tasks first???..Who knows…and who really cares????   Anyway….go ahead and forget… 

  Happy I Forgot Day …to you!!!  What ever that means.  


Another odd couple….