I just fell in love with this little guy.


Today was a good…good day…and why you may ask???….I spent the morning at the Winkler Day Care Centre reading to the children…and what a fun time I had. I not only read Sam’s Weird Afternoon but also Sam’s Bubble Trouble and Things that Stink written by me as well ….some time ago.  The kids gave me some new ideas for both stories especially ideas of what might happen if they blew a big giant bubble with gum …and now I will have to add them to my stories. What fun it is  to read and watch a group of young children when I read…POOF   and they disappeared..cause all the wiggling stops …eyes are all on the book …. the room becomes quiet …it is really a special moment. 

On my way home from the day care, I picked up the mail …tossed it on the kitchen island…made myself a coffee..and sat down to read it all…Was I ever thrilled to open a large envelope addressed from Robert Munsch …with a book in it..entitled…No Clean Clothes…. signed and thanking me for my letter!!!…Yes…I wrote to Mr. Munsch after reading a book about his life…and finding out  how much our lives reflected each other…and for some reason I just wanted to share that with him. I will bring his book with me and  read it to groups of children along with my own stories in future. 

Life can be a lot of fun some days…and today was one of them for me.  People keep asking me if I am getting tired of all my book related activity…I will admit that  there have been moments but then… I read to a new group of children…or …something like this surprise occurs and I become so energized and motivated to work on marketing Sam and working on new fun stories about him and think up new places I can read to children. 

Just a reminder…. this Saturday,  come and visit me at McNally Robinson’s Bookstore ..Grant Park Mall..Winnipeg.I will be there from 2-4 in the afternoon at a table with my books and if you should bring a child our two , I would love to read my story to them or him or her. 


Yes..you guessed it….one more odd couple. 


I love these bad day photos…some of them sure do make my day look pretty good!!