Last night we attended the opening to the Winnipeg Jazz Festival…a concert by jazz legend…Sonny Rollins: Last of the Mohicans. 

I love music …and although….I am not a big  jazz aficionado or anything like that… for three years ,  we have attended a The Winnipeg Jazz Festival….Last night  was an  amazing concert to watch and listen to …Sonny Rollins….80 years young saxophone player…born in Harlem…played his heart out. In the 50’s he was dubbed “Saxophone Colossus”. In the  60’s and 70’s he took a break from doing concerts and instead … spent up to fifteen hours a day on the Whilliamsburg bridge, serenading New York’s East River. 

As I watched I wondered about this man…still doing concerts at his age….exquisite ones at that…and it was hard to imagine how his fingers could move so fast…and how he could still remember all the notes to a ten minute long song…and how he could keep going for 2 hours with just a ten minute break???? 

He talked a bit …between songs…about life and how short it is…how he still sees himself as a ten-year old boy even though he is decades older….he wondered…where did all that time go?? …and he encouraged us… not to let our life pass us by. 

Talk about a motivating…and inspiring  evening….I wonder if Sonny realizes what an inspiration he and his music are and have been to millions???…I wondered if he has any idea of what he gave to his audience at the concert last night???…After the last song there was a standing ovation that lasted  and lasted until Sonny and his band poked their heads out and waved one last time to the crowd. 

I think some people were a bit disappointed that they did not do one more piece…but all I was thinking was…Ok, Ok now…let’s leave the man alone…at 80 years old I think he gave us more of himself than we could have asked for???? 


Wonder what inspired these …how cool!!!! 

We have all carved pumpkins in our day…but how about watermellon???


Here is a very unlikely Couple from my newest collection.