Artist…..Ron Mueck

Only as high as I reach can I grow,  only as far as I seek can I go,    only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.   

  Karen Ravn

Life is full of inspiration…If I were to ask you who has been an inspiration in your life…I bet one or two people would immediately come to mind…And if I were to ask you what is it that inspires you…you would most likely tell me one thing without having to think too hard.

Inspiration is what makes us do more, go farther and dream larger. Inspiration is what makes us think more creatively, set goals that are beyond what we believe are our abilities and to be more than we think we can be….We are inspired by the people in our lives…sometimes in very small ways…and we can be inspired by the tiniest little thing like a raindrop on our face or a flower in our garden….We can be inspired by a memory or an event…..Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.

So I started to wonder…Why is it that some people seem very uninspired and others seem to find inspiration everywhere ???…Is the act of being inspired a natural occurence or is it one that requires attentiveness to our surroundings????….Can a person be more inspired if  they became more concerned or aware of  everything around them???

For example…imagine we all live surrounded by a bubble….person A pays attention only to that which is within the bubble…person B pays attention to what is within as well as all that exists outside of the bubble….Who might be the most inspired????….Would it be person A or B???…..Does it matter how big our life is in order to find inspiration…..or can we find it right up close????…Is finding inspiration a matter of where you are physically??…or is it a matter of where you are mentally???

The grass is always greener on the other side…we have all heard that saying….but is it???….If we are always trying to find inspiration on the other side….and …if we go there…will we find it???….Maybe for a short time…but soon that grass will begin to look  just like the grass you left…and you will be needing new grass once again???…Do we really need new grass or do we need to start looking at it with different eyes???

Writers need to be continually inspired if they want to have anything to write….triggers they are sometimes called…Are triggers something a person must wait for…something a person gets struck by…like lighting????…If that were the case….a writer would be spending a lot of time waiting around…I can only speak for myself…and I can tell you…since I have been writing my ears hear differently and my eyes see /view things …more things…as I search for my next inspiration.

Sometimes it comes during a conversation with friends….or when I walk through my garden…of when I get to see baby birds up close…I can find inspiration anywhere if I remember to look and listen….but some days I forget…and find no inspiration until I realize….I have forgot to look for it!!!

Have you found inspiration…or been an inspiration to someone today???

Did you reach…seek…look…and dream ????


Another Odd Couple.from my newest collection…


Now…this is what I call a very BAD day????