Yes, I had a dream…and it was a bit unsettling….My husband had moved us to some small town in Manitoba….he rented us a very old dilapidated house …our new home….and I kept saying….I will get used to it…I will get used to it…and all the time I just wanted to be back home in Morden…..

Where do these thoughts come from???….Was it something I heard or saw the day before…or was it something I ate…maybe the peach I had for my evening snack…who knows…very weird….didn’t like this one at all. I was so happy to wake up in my bed in my wonderful house!!!….dreams…sometimes they are better than reality and other times….I just wish I didn’t remember them__


A Best seller is a book, recording, etc. currently outselling most others.

Best seller….I have never really thought much about best sellers…I did read an article once and it was talking about books… and asked the question….are sales boosted if they are on a best seller list or if they win awards??….That same article then went on to ask…name a book that has been on the best seller list this month….or name the last book you read that had won an award and concluded that most people could not. This person’s opinion is that….no…these things do not boost sales.

Well, I just found out that my Sam’s Weird Afternoon is on the Winnipeg McNally Robinson ….best seller list… for children’s books  !!!!   I am number 5 on a list where Robert Munsch is 1 and 2.  In the company of Robert Munsch!!!!  I am thrilled.  

 It may not be the fact that a book is on a best seller list that helps sales….but it sure does give an author and his/her book much more exposure and media time and that can’t be all that bad…and the other bonus is the exhilaration and author  gets when your book sales have  been going well.

So….does a bet seller list sell more books???….I started thinking about the fact that … finding oneself on such a list …motivates a person to want to try and reach that goal once again….It makes me want to get out there and keep marketing even more…and with that I would hope that an increase in sales might follow….and so…that makes be believe that such lists can…yes…indirectly increse sales.

So if you were to ask me….Sally…do you care if you are on a best seller list or if you win an award for your book??….my answer….would be …without hesitation….yes,yes, yes!!!

Change of subject now….my baby birds…the chipping sparrows…..breaking news….

On Thursday as I went to check on the nest…one teeny weeny little bird flew out into my garden.

On Friday when I looked again only two of the four baby birds were still in the nest.

On Saturday the nest was empty and I could hear peeping coming from my garden as the parents flew back and forth feeding them seeds.

On Sunday one little bird was out on our lawn…skawking away until the parent showed up to feed it. I took a few pictures and then shooed it into the garden where it would me less vulnerable.  We heard them crying out all day today as the parents were busily trying to feed them all.

I went to have a look at the nest this afternoon and was so sad to see one baby bird in the nest, it had died. I wonder how many of the four actually will make it to maturity?????



 Number two in my collection of odd couples….