Therrrrr  back.!!!!  ..yes the beautiful little gems…the hummingbirds!! Time to mix up the sugar solution and hope they find it. They are so beautiful and so fleeting and I think that is wha makes them so special.

Hummingbird facts and info….

Over 338 species

Require half their weight in sugar daily

Resting heart rate…500 beats per minute

They take 250 breaths a minute

Their wing joints can rotate 180 degrees.

A lucky hummer may live about 10 ,ten, years.

Can weight anywhere between 1/15 of an ounce …to…3/5 of an ounce.

Always lay 2 white eggs about the size of a jelly bean

Did you know…….Ancient Aztecs wore floor length ceremonial cloaks made of hummingbird plumage.

The life of a hummingbird is that of working, working, working…all the time just to stay alive. And we sometimes think we have it tough!!!

Here is a thought……If we were to eat as much as a hummer,  a  man would have to eat more than double his weight in potatoes daily. Now that could be considered…really super sizing a meal!!!  Hard to imagine how hard we would have to work to burn it all off and not end up being obese.  

Like the music…the flight of the bumblebee….I would love it if one day a composer would write music …called…the flight of the hummers.


Things I collect….



corks...dated to remember events

Quilting and craft books