I am back after my big book launch in Winnipeg at McNally Robinson Bookstore. It was actually a fun experience. The staff at McNally were great to work with.  I will be there again on July 3rd…just to sign books.  

But, that is not what I wanted to talk about today…         

Sound…the sensation perceived by the sense of hearing. Noise… a sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired. 

Today something got me wondering about sound and noise…and when is it… that sound …turns into noise???? 

Today our town had its annual Folk Festival. Like each year past…The park fills up with people as the sun began to shine and performers begin to sing on stage. I have attended it for years ….a fun relaxing day in the sun with good music and great friends.  There are lots of good food to eat, many items on sale and a children’s tent where the kids can paint, blow bubbles, make pictures and lots more. 

This year I was invited to come and read my book at the kids tent…which could have been a wonderful kids activity…however…the location of the kid’s tent…which…although  was perfectly located for most of the activities…was not the place to try to read to kids at all. The wonderful music was so loud, that when I did read…I could not even hear my own voice because I had to actually yell to be heard .The beautiful sound of all the music , quickly turned/ transformed into noise…and my storytelling…was far from exciting or fun for anyone. If nothing else, it was a good learning experience for me in terms of  good/bad venues for book reading. 

din…racket…uproar…pandemonium…hullabaloo…hubbub…clamor…babel….are all synonyms for the word NOISE. 

I suppose one way sound becomes noise …is when two different sounds are competing against one another…or…  sound becomes noise when different ears are listening to the same thing…for example…the sound of the airplane engine to the pilot is a welcome sound but  to the passenger it is just NOISE.  The sound of the city streets …to a city dweller is comforting but to the visitor is just plain NOISY. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could control all the sounds we hear as NOISE????…but…if we did that ….would we still have sound that we would hear as NOISE, but maybe just not as loud????  Can a person’s life ever be NOISE free??? 


And now…..for the rest of the story….or rather…the rest of my collection of bugs…

little bird














my little frog