Today I am going to chat a bit about the old…. publishing process. 

I am having difficulty  inserting photos today…sorry. 

At the present I am involved in listening to and making comment on my book…in audio!!!!… Very interesting part of the process.

Sean , my audio guy……is about to become the voice of Sam.  I wonder if he has any idea how important a position he is in. Do you think that who ever did the voice of Donald Duck for Disney…way back when…could ever had had any idea of what a household voice Donald would one day be??? …Now I am not trying to imply that Sam…my Sam…will ever grow to the magnitude of Donald Duck or that his voice would ever become a voice recognized by millions….however….I do believe that …just as a book cover is a vital part of any kid’s book……. now that audio books are becoming a normal part of it all… voices …are also a variable that can make a book stand out from the rest…or… make it …just another book.

So…yesterday….Sean sent me what he called a dry read. He has a very articulate, very clean clear voice…which is why I chose him.(yes..I had four voices to choose from..) However, in this first audio, Sean  had  little animation in his voice  which gave me reason for concern…I was now concerned…very concerned. Is this what my Sam was going to sound like???…No excitement????…No loud and soft voice…just constant and calm.   But Sam is not calm at all in my story…Surely I would have some say in the audio???…Surely there was room for some changes???

 I had always wanted Sam  to be a fun quirky kid who voiced lots of emotions…at least that is what I was expecting…..that is how I always read the story to the kid…..I wanted to hear more excitement, more concern, more confusion in Sam’s voice. So… how do you tell that to your audio book voice person?????….Well, I decided that instead of beating around the bush, I would just tell him. And so I did…but very nicely of course. I gave my comments and then I asked if he had ever listened to Robert Munsch..I thought he was a good example fo what I was talking about…having fun with your voice…and .he said no…but then he asked if I could email him something with Munsch’s reading voice.  And so I did..It took me 4 tries..but .I finally figured out how to get it to him.  Sean said he was…”wanting to learn and make my Sam the best he could for me.”

So I wait for tomorrow …hoping to get an email from Sean with another audio read of my book.  I look forward to what he will send.

Hopefully tomorrow  the problem with photos will be fixed..I don’t like writing without pictures at all !!!!!!!!!!