The sound was beautiful  and almost haunting in a way as it called to me and  I came closer to it…….

With coffee in hand I went out to check on my garden and yard to see what it has been up to the past few days. As I walked around the back side of the yard I could hear a sound which keep getting louder and louder as I gingerly walked through the wet blades of grass….and there it was…an orchestra of bees …my orchastra of bees!!!   The lilac bush I planted a few years ago had grown to be a giant globe , covered with purple flowers….and today they were all covered with bees.

The sound was mesmerizing and I stood there for some time listening and watching as nature’s little creatures…seemed to be playing in harmony as they flapped their tiny wings and moved from flower to flower.  It was then I noticed….dozens of colorful little butterflies…all over the bush. 

How interesting …. I thought to myself … how the bees and the butterflies seem to ignore one another …as if they didn’t  know the other was even present ….as they kept passing each other in flight.

All of a sudden it hit me….a camera…go get the camera!!!  Not wanting to leave the wonderful sounds and sights…I did…. and come back with my trusty little digital.

 There were so many bees that at first I was a bit concerned that if I got too close…I might get stung…but it did not take me long to realize…they were all on a mission to polenate…and nothing was about to disturb them as they worked….not even me with my camera just inches from them.

That got me to thinking about people…and how we live our lives much the same as the bees and butterflies….some days …oblivious to each other as we go on our own busy ways…

Hmmm…. I wonder if anyone is watching us in our giant lilac bush???….and I wonder…..

Are   the sounds  we make when we gather…  as harmonious and mezmorizing as the hum of the bees???


My collection of weird toilet/urinals has come to an end. So today I thought…since I am taking about insects…I would share with you my collection of deck insects, birds and the like.  I am not sure what they are made of …some kind of metal as they each are quite heavy.   Whenever I see a new one I buy it but last year I found no new ones. Maybe I will have better luck this summer.







Whew….this is a lot of work…so I will stop here and show you the rest of them tomorrow.