Ok now…I am going to attempt to write a post today.  I think my body has been taken over by this …cold, virus or whatever it might me. I have tried various drugs, warm water and lemon and honey…just as “Writer Chick” encouraged, chicken noodle soup…but Even cough syrup with codeine didn’t stop the coughing last night. And now , this morning I woke with my eyes sore, teary and very irritated.  I’m thinking pink eye !!!  So what is that all about????  It seems this invader is moving from my chest upward….how strange.

And one week before my big Book Launch!!!!  How can this be??? And why did this thing choose to invade my body NOW??? Time for serious measures…Hospitol or Clinic in the morning.

I have tried to be productive…and yesterday I decided to do a few errands and get myself a movie…hubby is off on a canoe trip. However, after totally embarrassing myself at the video store…breaking into a 5 minute coughing jag…I just grabbed a movie, paid as fast as I could…ran out and went home. Lucky for me the movie was the Time Travelers Wife…so good that I now want to read the book.

 I have been able to do a bit of wash…watch tv which included a Sex and the City marathon last night. By 6:30  amI had enough of the plight of 30 somethings…and decided to try to sleep…with not much luck.

Wow…do I ever sound like a baby…sorry to burden you all with that….but…thanks for listening to my venting.  

And now, here are a few items that might help with toilet training your little guy…what fun!!!  plus one other item….




Interesting photos you can get if you just lay on the ground….