World turtle day is today. Did you know that Sea Turtles are considered by some to be the most endangered animals on earth??

I don’t usually write much on Sundays, but , having a turtle tattoo…and this wonderful animal meaning much to me by symbolizing…longevity..pursistance…and today being World Turtle day…I had to write a small bit. 

Sea turtles continue to be collected for their eggs, meat and shells even though there are local, national and international laws to protect them from trade. As well polution is causing them to become ill and die. Fortunately there are groups working to make the oceans a safer place for one of their oldest inhabitants.

While in Mexico over the past few years I was able to see an old sea turtle wash up on shore dead and as well to be able to see baby sea turtles being let out to sea by a local group of concerned citizens… making me more aware of the plight of the turtle.

Tomorrow is a special day for me…May 25th…Sam’s Weird Afternoon…will be released!


Used in ancient Greece. Looks like a place for social gatherings????