I sat out on my deck this morning, sipping coffee and looking at my garden …full of tiny little …forget-me-nots…. These little flowers are so faithful as… every year… I can count on them to appear and fill my garden to mark the beginning of another summer. Here is one of many tales…about these pretty little beauties……

In that country in the mountains of Glamorgan, fairy gold was hidden so goes the story. On the mountainside nearby grew a carpet of bluest forget-me-nots. Evil men heard rumors of the elfin gold and decided to steal it. They took no notice of the heavenly blue of the flowers close by. As they were carrying off the treasure a sweet elfln voice spoke to them from one of the little blue flowers. “You have taken the least and left the best. Forget-me-not.”The men paid no attention and were about to disappear with the loot, regardless. This angered the mountains and they shook their sides, swallowing up both men and gold. The forget-me-nots, too, were covered for a time but soon thrust their way up and up to deck the mountain slopes once again with a coverlet of blue. There they continue to grow and bloom. Passers-by whose ears are attuned to the “little voices” hear them calling from the mountainside again and again, “Forget-me-not… Forget-me-not.”

I wonder if visitors to my yard can hear them calling….I can…

*********Forget-me-not     Forget-me-not    Forget-me-not*********


On a totally different topic… I was thinking about sleep. Last night I had to turn off my computer as it decided it did not want to hook up to the internet…no matter what I did.   After total frustration on my part, I turned it off and went and watched some TV, hoping that in the morning it would have a better attitude!!  Well…it must have needed a rest cause this morning it went on in seconds.

So that got me to thinking about  shutting things down….people and sleep.  Humans sleep every night…we must in order to function properly…so why not the computer??…I sometimes think about sleep …and how odd it really is…that we all do it…mostly in the evening when it is dark.

Imagine this…..Imagine  being a giant Being   with X-ray vision who never  sleeps and knows nothing about it…….hovering over a town full of houses, able to look into them all at the same time…right through all the roofs…. Imagine looking down at the houses and watching as lights blink off..except in on room….pretty much around the same time……and then it  watches as everyone goes  to that lit  room…lays down on a flat item.. and  close their eyes for hours.  Then imagine watching as …peoples eyes open and they all begin to stand  up and leave that room…pretty much around the same time.  Watching all of that could be considered very odd…very odd indeed!!

I wonder what a Being might  be thinking????….First of all…Why do all the lights go out at the same time…what are all those flat items???….and why does everyone lay on them when it is dark outside???….Why do they all close their eyes and lay there …so still… for so long???….Why is no one moving???….Maybe they turn off when the lights go out??….Maybe they have built-in… on/off switches????

I know….strange thoughts….but I can’t help it….they just pop into my mind and make me wonder!…Kind of like having a bird’s eye view and just looking at things from a different perspective. …Imagination is a wonderful thing…at least I think so.


Talk about imagination!!!