And the list grows..check out May 8th to see it. Let me know if Sam is in your town so I can add it to my list.

Yes, I must remember…I have an appointment today…which I had to reschedule because I forgot the last one!!!  Seems the older I get the worse my memory becomes. However….

There are things…details…that I have no problem remembering.  Oh no…as I write I am remembering I put some clothes in the washer yesterday…but I think they are still there and never made it into the dryer. I must take care of that when I am done here…if I can remember.

I was chatting with someone the other day about our brains…and he made me wonder….does information we keep in our brain have weight???…and if it does…would that mean that a little hummingbird or a small songbird can only fly as fast as their brains will allow depending upon how much information they have stored in it????..bird brain….interesting concept. Maybe maintaining a good brain info weight… affects survival of the fittest???….And if that is so…what about gravity?…Does that mean that gravity will have a bigger effect on those with more info in their brains because they weight  more???….If that is true….I suppose the lighter any living creäture  is the faster and higher he can fly, swim, jump and run…. and thus avoid dangers and predators. Hmmm and here we thought our weight all had to do with fat and muscle…maybe not??/

Good thing for us we have no predators or we might be in big trouble…Oh well….weird thoughts for the day.  Maybe I could write a poem/story about this???  Interesting concept.

I am planning another book lauch which, with a bit more info from the book store will be finalized …and then I will share the date with all of you.  Till tomorrow….a collection piece…