As you can see , Sam’s list of travels is growing. It is fun to see where he ends up.  Ah…another goal for me …work to make the list grow and grow. I wonder how many places he might land????….

Hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day…Makes me think of my mom …my ex mother in law and my mother in law who…all three are now gone.  Sorry Hallmark !!!…no use for you today.

My daffodils are all popping up and I love the feel of spring..with buds on the trees…birds tweeting away and the sun shining.  What more can a person ask for???…I am busy with a new book marketing idea. I am keeping it to myself for now…but if it should prove positive…I will share it with everyone. It is a shot in the dark…but…I have nothing to loose…so I will keep trying.

Sunday today so I will keep this one short…Happy MOthers Day to you all…and now for a new item to my collection++++


aren't these cute???