As you may have figured out…I love quotes and am always on the look out for a new one. I love this one I am sharing  it with you today.If you have ever looked for an inspiring or funny quote…you will find that there are zillions of them….on every subject…by all kinds of people…and my question is….How does a quote become important enough to be listed, as a quote, on the internet or in a book????….I am sure we all have said some very profound or funny statements in our lives…I suppose it would first have to be published in a book, magazine, publication of any sort…and then somehow it makes it  into the QUOTE COLLECTION box.

“If I have learned anything, it is that life forms no
logical patterns. It is haphazard and full of beauties
which I try to catch as they fly by, for who knows
whether any of them will ever return?”

— Margot Fonteyn


*************Do you believe that life forms no logical pattern???….and ….do you believe that …life …is full of beauties(opportunities) along the way???….I suppose there are varying opinions on that.  I suppose it could be compared to the poppies in my garden whose bloom time is so very short… and if I one doesn’t check the garden every day …one could easily miss the beauty. I suppose all of life’s beauties (opportunities) are like that….fleeting….maybe that is what makes them difficult to notice…and why we probably miss many.

No logical pattern…could be.?…and finding the beauties (opportunities)  and catching them….requires constant observation…or they can be missed just like the beautiful poppy bloom.   There are those… who seem to have no problem catching beauties in their lives and others who never do. So how can we do our best to catch the beauties when they come our way???…Is it what we look at???….or maybe …it is HOW we look at things. ..Beauties may be flitting around us all the time… we just have not taught ourselves to see them. Do you think????

Eyes wide open….catch the beauties when they come by…life may be haphazard…but catching the beauties (opportunities) and making them a part of your life…isn’t.