I was out with my friend Myra this evening…buying some annuals at a Hutterite Colony…and then we stopped for a coffee …a coffee and desert that lasted for a few hours. In fact… we walked out of the restaurant door…only to have an employee lock it behind us. 

Another day over and tomorrow is Friday once again. I spent a bit of time counting my books today …trying to get my book “business” organized ..I will finish it tomorrow. Two days ahead of me with not a single committment…except the wash. Maybe the rain will end so I can do some yard work. If not it might be a nice time to have some friends over. I’ll think on that one.

An old friend from my years at Bunnell High contacted me to let me know he ordered and just received his order of Sam’s Weird Afternoon.  Maybe I should start keeping track of where Sam travels to. That could be interesting except I will not know unless people tell me.  I will have to start a list on one of my other pages of the different cities.

So..if you have bought Sam…let me know where he is …or where you sent him…so I can add that  town to my list…Sam’s Travels is what I will call it. Just jot down a town name in comment and send it off to me. I will keep you updated as to his travels.


Here is another addition to my virtual collection….anybody figure out the theme???