the act or process of motivating…the state of being motivated…something that motivatates…an inducement…an incentive.

Where does one find motivation???…I suppose it could be from an outside source…like a carrot on a stick…or it can come from inside. The problem with an outside source is that once the carrot is eaten…now what????…I suppose you could buy a bag of carrots and replace the one eaten…but what happens when a person gets sick and tired of carrots????.And if the outside source is another person…I suppose we can’t expect them to be more motivated about OUR things than we are…right??? So internal motivation might be the way to go….or does it take a bit of both???

Right now as an author who is trying to tell people about Sam’s Weird Afternoon…I am very motivated…What motivate me right now is the newness of it all…the wonderful book sales over the past two weeks…the positive support from my friends and family..however…the trick will be to  stay motivated over a long period. …Book sales may plateau…the newness might wear off and my friends and family will soon find Sam to be old news …in time… those motivators will dissapear…So..How does a person stay motivated after all the initial motivators are gone???

The older I get, the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you’re going to hunt elephants, don’t get off the trail for a rabbit.
T. Boone Pickens

I would think a person has to develop goals…short and long-term ones.  During my working years I had to set hundreds of goals for myself… and always I tried to make them …goals that  were  attainable…measurable…and time targeted. I had learned to review the success of my goals and I often had to develop a new plan to achieve them.

It’s easy to get inspired, but it can be difficult to stay motivated.

So…I will take  what I learned in the past…and  use it  in my new job as author. …So what kind of goals can an author set for herself??..I will start to develop a list…

  1. book sales….as my publisher will be providing me with a quarterly report of book sales, I will use those dates for reviewing numbers sold compared with numbers I had hoped to sell, including my stash.
  2. Count my personal stash of books and shoelaces at the end of each week to review if I need to order more.
  3. events research and find events…contact event organizers to sell, sign or read my book. Decide on an amount to do monthly.
  4. develop a yearly event calendar with contact person etc. to be used on a yearly basis.
  5. on Mondays… email groups of people  to tell them of the book
  6. on Wednesdays…contact people on their sites and blogs and comment encouraging them to check out my site.
  7. on Fridays…take new photos for my blog file…update my site with new photos and info
  8. daily…write in my blog
  9. design and develop some new Sam props.

Right now I have the urge to go and count my book stash and shoelaces…so I will.  

 I remember Dr. Phil once telling a mom who was having difficulties with her son…he said…you have to figure out what his currency is…what it is that motivates him… and use it.  I suppose that is what we all need ….to figure out what our currency is…what it is that motivates us…and use it in our goal setting.           


one more item for my collection…