Today I had the pleasure of phoning all the winnners of our Quilt Show auction table.  I must say, I think it is almost more fun to phone and say congratulations than it would be to win!! 

Each time I called , the person on the other end of the phone first sounded a bit annoyed…as if I were a telemarketer or something…until I explained they had won a prize at the quilt show. …and then suddenly they became very animated and excited. 

Typically…no news is good news…but in this case…news is good news.  

Being the bearer of good news…that was me today….making people happy…nineteen times in a row…. Sure would be nice if I could have a job where I could do that all the time…making people happy.   Well…let’s think on it a minute…maybe there is such a job out there.  I can’t think of one…but …it might exist. Even if half of the time was making people happy.  But…maybe if you did it all the time it would not be as much fun…the specialness would go right out of it…possibly.

Oh well….it was quite enjoyable.  Today I read Sam to a group of fifteen five and six year olds…my first group to share the book with. It went pretty good and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I am a bit rusty in reading  from a book in my hands…upside down….I think I am going to have to practice before my next group read.

I am thinking about making a pile of shoes to match my Sam figurine…out of clay.  I will have to draw up a sketch first so I have and idea of how difficult it will be.   


one more collection picture….have you guessed it yet???