It has been a long two days as a vendor and I did not make my goal of selling 25 or 50 books…instead….somewhere inbetween…and I am happy with that. I have learned a few things since I began this book selling venture…..

  • organize, organize, organize–mentally walk through how you will handle book selling, recording, and finances so you will have a good handle on sales and amount of books remaining in your stash. ( it has taken me three separate events to do that)
  • count the amount of books you bring to each signing/selling event so you will know at the end of the day, how many books were sold., in the busyness of an event it is easy to make a money mistake and at the end of the day…be unsure about how many got sold( I brought way too many this weekend…making more work for me than I needed to
  • I will bundle  my books into piles of 50…so I won’t have to count each time..I can just grab a bundle before leaving the house
  • float…maintain the same float amount for each event…and have change…lots of change
  • put all your books and display props in an easy to carry tote. I used luggage on wheels but found out that mine was too small so next time will use a bigger one.
  • you will be doing lots of talking so bring mints, gum…anything to help keep your throat from drying.
  • have a friend who will come to give you an occational break from your vending table.
  •  the day can get long and you will get tired and have times when you just want to sit back and relax..however…if you want people to buy your book…you have to talk with everyone who comes to your table or you will not sell many books.
  • if people did not come up to my table…I decided to go and introduce myself and hand them a book mark
  • I set up  a display and must have changed it a few times each day. I am still not sure of how I like it best. Having  props to go along with my book was a great idea…people loved them and wanted to know who made them.
  • questions…everyone asked tons of questions. After two full days of them…I have now learned what to expect and what answers I will give from here on in.

As I am a quilter and this weekend was a quilt show, it gave me a topic to chat about before I ever said anything about the book. I had one of my quilts hanging beside my table as well and as visitors admired it , it became a wonderful topic of conversation. It was my pink ribbon quilt. Because I began writing after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought it a fitting prop for me to use to explain how I got started writing.  Not only did I talk about writing and publishing but was also asked questions about quilting methods which I was able to answer.

What a fun and tiring two days it has been however it will be nice to be able to relax a bit more tomorrow.

Tomorrow …I will no longer be a vendor/hawker…but instead I will volunteer at the quilt show . I will bring some of my  books along  just in case.

And now …  another item for my present collection…