Today I am going to do something different….I am going to share with you…one of my Sam poems.  I hope you enjoy it.

Confused Again 

Do you have parents just like mine?

Who like to disagree?

Some days are so confusing.

But I guess they just don’t see.


My mom will often tell me

“Sam, go and make your bed”.

Then dad will say “No, not right now

Sam’s helping me instead  ‘.


At supper mom will serve us meat.

She says it’s good for me.

“Sam, let me see you eat it all”.

But dad says, “Let him be! ”.


When mom says Sam it’s bedtime

Go clean up all your toys.

My dad will say “10 minutes more.”

Which gets my mom annoyed.


It seems it doesn’t matter

Mom and dad just can’t agree.

Some days it’s quite confusing.

Should I tell them, will they see?.


They must think I do not hear them

Or else they just don’t care

But when they say these different things

I want to pull my hair


If they would stop and listen

Each time they disagree

I think they’d see how difficult

They’re making Life for me


Sally Gilchrest-Unrau                           Author of “Sam’s Weird Afternoon             Copyright 2010  Morden, Manitoba